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THE two kinds of shoes you should never wear on a plane – as they could be deadly in an emergency.

And it doesn't matter whether it will take you two or 12 hours to reach your destination, your choice of footwear is important for a flight.

In fact, some passengers are unknowingly wearing shoes which could actually be deadly in an emergency.

And while most travellers opt against them purely for comfort reasons, wearing high heels is a big no according to experts at CN Traveller.

Not only should you wear comfortable shoes if you need to dash to your gate, they may also prevent you from running in a serious emergency.

High heels should also be stowed away as they can cause damage during an emergency exit.

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That's why experts say you should keep your high heels off while flying in order to prevent ripping the evacuation slide or falling over in a serious situation.

To make matters even worse, you will often be asked to remove heels at airport security – which slows your journey down even more.

As alternative, the travel experts recommended holiday-goers wear footwear that is a bit more practical.

Flat shoes or slip on trainers are infinitely more comfortable and suitable for summer travel – and they may just save your life.

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Travel whizzes also recommend those jetting out to get rid of flip flops in favour of something sturdier.

Most flight attendants will advise that flip flops are a serious safety hazard in the case of an emergency.

This is because they not comfortable to run in and can also fly off very easily.

Then there’s the hygiene factor – any time your foot is exposed in a public place you also run the risk of being exposed to bacteria.

One solution would be to wear fisherman sandals or just opt for a sturdier shoe altogether.

Travel experts have also recommended holidaygoers to swap boots for loafers because these are easier to remove quickly.

And tourists were also advised to wear clogs instead of crocs while getting ready for the airport.

It comes as experts revealed why you should never take off your shoes on a flight either.

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Meanwhile, here are all the dos and don’ts of travelling through airport security. 

And here are the snacks you should never buy at the airport to eat on the plane.

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