3 hugely popular beauty trends sticking around in 2023

Written by Morgan Fargo

Welcome to Trendsmas.

On 1 January, the trend clock resets and a new year of aesthetics, eras and cores will dawn. With it comes a host of novel and exciting things to try, most of which we don’t quite have a conception of yet. A hair colour that takes salons by storm (this year, copper) or a complexion trend that usurps all others (think slugging). Some trends, though, including the most popular and prevalent of 2022, will continue on. Here are three that will be sticking around for a little while longer. Let’s call it Trendsmas.

Staying: volume


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Big hair is going nowhere in the new year. Volume, the kind wholly rejected in the stick-straight 00s era, is at the top of the table once more. There’s the bouncy blow-dry (to which an entire archipelago of TikTok is dedicated), a classic style reinvented with high shine, flicked ends and tons of oomph; the brief but important return of The Bump; and bombshell hair – tousled, towering layers of glamour. 

Will alone is not enough to sustain volume though. A mousse (I swear by this one and TikTok loves this one), texture spray, root lifter or hardworking hairspray will do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating body and lift in your hair. A set of hot rollers or velcro rollers also help to allow your hair to set properly as it cools down after using a hairdryer, curlers or hair tool. 

Staying: blusher


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If the first two decades of the 2000s were dedicated to bronzed, brown and tan make-up (think the ‘Make Up by Mario’ aesthetic for reference), the next is for blusher. Of all kinds. From delicate, finely milled powders to creamy, swipe-on-and-blend liquid formulations, blusher has stolen the spotlight on red carpets, For You Pages and endless-scroll Instagram feeds. 

There are myriad ways to apply the stuff, too. For a ‘faux sunburn’ effect (the only type of sunburn we endorse), create a ‘W’ shape across your nose and upper cheeks. Or, recreate the ‘cold girl’ aesthetic of a flushed nose and under-eye. It’s cuter than it sounds, trust me. 

You’re no longer limited to pearlescent pink tones; blusher has stretched from terracotta to bright orange and back again. Plus, blonzer is a thing – the best of both blusher and bronzer. This edit will help you nail down the best blusher for your skin and make-up bag.

Staying: bobs


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First, there was a kaleidoscope of brunette tones entering our hair lexicography, then glorious copper hair, then Barbie-esque bleach blonde – the thing that held all these trends together? The vast swathe of people who chose to chop inches off their hair at the same time. Think of Zendaya and Florence Pugh’s chic midi bobs, Kaia Gerber and Jenna Ortega’s shaggy wolf-cut bobs or the persistent popularity of the French bob. Intensely cool, a bob can be a transformative cut, reinvigorating colour and creating a definitive shape. 

If you’re considering cutting a bob but aren’t sure where to start, choose a mid-length bob like the midi, collarbone or Italian bob as they sit below the chin but above the shoulder and are still able to be tied away from the face.  

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