Busy Philipps, 42, Celebrates Her ‘Peach Fuzz’ In Glowing New Makeup-Free Selfies On Instagram

  • Busy Philipps, 42, shared a new makeup-free selfie on Instagram with glowing natural skin.
  • The actress added, “I love my peach fuzz on my face,” over the flawless snap.
  • Busy is a fan of going all natural and maintains her complexion with microdermabrasion, products with glycolic and lactic acid, and microneedling treatments.

Actress Busy Philipps is known for keeping things real on social media, and a new makeup-free snap she shared on her Instagram Story is no exception.

The photo is simple: Busy is working oversized glasses and a sweater, while gazing nonchalantly at the camera. She’s not wearing any makeup and her skin looks all smooth and glowy. “I love my peach fuzz on my face,” she wrote over top. There’s also a shimmering stream of golden sunlight illuminating one side of her face.

Busy, 42, has been all about the makeup-free pics lately, and I can see why. Her super glowy complexion deserves all the attention.

There’s this super sweet snap:


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And an all-natural, all-glowing video:

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And this pic that makes you wonder if Busy’s glowy skin is the pot of gold under the rainbow.


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But Busy, who did an unretouched skincare ad with Olay last year, didn’t get that gorgeous skin by accident.

“I started doing microdermabrasion in my twenties as an addition to facials, and now I like the microneedling treatment. I have done PRP,” she previously told New Beauty. (PRP, in case you’re not familiar with it, stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy, which uses injections of a concentration of your own platelets to promote collagen growth and speed up the body’s natural repair process.)

“I liked the idea of it sort of just slowing down the aging process,” Busy continued. “It doesn’t fill fine lines or wrinkles or change anything, but it does stimulate new cell growth and collagen production so there’s nothing wrong with that, I think.”

Busy also said that sunscreen is a “huge” part of her beauty routine. “I spend so much time outside, so sun care is a big deal for me,” she said.

Busy told Allure that she also a huge fan of facials. “I love a facial,” she said. “It’s just so ingrained in me that that’s what being an adult woman is.” She’s also into two particular skincare ingredients—glycolic and lactic acid—telling Into the Gloss that she goes “back and forth between the two.”

Another thing Busy does to get that gorgeous skin is keep close tabs on her hair products which, she says, can mess with her complexion. “It’s stupid expensive and makes me feel out of touch to even say this, but I love Kérastase,” she told Refinery29. “I’m obsessed with the Nutritive Lait Vital conditioner, and I will always splurge on that bottle. I’ve been using both the shampoo and conditioner for years, and that brand is probably the thing that I love the most in terms of beauty. I have super-sensitive skin, and my hair products can mess with it, but the formula never causes breakouts.”

Overall, Busy says she’s big on embracing her skin. “I have less of a desire to fit into anyone else’s idea of what is ‘beautiful,’” she told Refinery29. “We should all be celebrating and protecting our skin.”

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