Celebrities are bringing wet-look hair back and it’s perfect for party season

Written by Morgan Fargo

How to do the sleek style like a professional.

Hands up if you’ve ever tried a wet or slicked-back look, only to feel like a freshly greased bowling ball. Us too. So, how are celebrities making it look so easy and what are they doing that we’re not? Seen recently on Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley, Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung and star-of-the-moment Julia Fox, the wet hair trend is going nowhere and we thought it best to learn how to make it work for us ahead of peak party season and a brand new year.

“We’ve seen a surge in more utilitarian hair styling on red carpets recently, combined with retro-futuristic aesthetics in the form of metallics, PVC, nylon and armour-wear,” explains hairstylist, trend forecaster and presenter Tom Smith.  

“The practicality of hair swept back out of the face and held in place by liberal amounts of styling product gives a very strong, statuesque appearance to the wearer and is a great high fashion choice to ‘harden up’ a softer outfit or make a strong statement.”

Don’t worry though, we’re not going to leave you in the lurch without tangible advice on how to create this style at home. Read on for Smith’s top tips. 

How to create a slick wet look like a professional

“Layering up styling product in your hair will give flexibility and hold while retaining the slightly gritty ‘wet look’. Start with a moisturising leave-in cream, such as Olaplex No.6, and layer on top serums such as Evo Love Perpetua. Avoid classic gels, which will eventually harden and set and become too stiff,” he advises.

“A red carpet secret is to use lube (yes, you read that right) as a styling product to keep your hair in place without drying out or hardening.”

Whether you choose to use lube is, of course, down to your own personal preference, just make sure whatever you choose has the right amount of handle to it. If you prefer to feel like your hair is soft enough to touch, a hard-drying hair spray or gel isn’t going to be the right choice. Similarly, if you’re going to an event or party, pick something with enough hold to last the duration (taking into account any festive-induced dance moves). 

And remember, Smith’s recommendation to layer products will serve you better than relying on any one single product. Think of it like a recipe – only stickier and potentially involving lube. 

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