Eva Longoria Shows Off The Results Of Those Mini Trampoline Workouts In New Swimsuit Instagram

Eva Longoria is on vacation someplace amazing-looking to celebrate her husband, José Bastón’s, birthday. But the actress is looking pretty amazing herself in the process.

She just dropped a new bathing suit Instagram post as proof and, wowzer. The Desperate Housewives alum, 46, has toned legs for days in a gorgeous zip-up white one piece while resting on some stone steps.

The Grand Hotel actress kept the caption simple: “🤍☀️🕶” and fair. It’s really all about how strong she looks in that swimsuit.

People were all about how fit she looked in the comments. “As always gorgeous!!!❤️❤️❤️,” one wrote. “Goals😍🔥,” another said.


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Eva can thank her regular mini trampoline workouts for those legs—and she even does them on vacation. The Unplugging actress shared a video on Instagram Tuesday of herself completely crushing a trampoline workout on a boat, joking about being part of the “sisterhood of the traveling trampoline.”


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But Eva has posted plenty about her mini trampoline workouts in the past. In early March, she shared a video of herself trampolining at a super fast, incredibly impressive pace at a gym alongside a friend.


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Eva doesn’t ~just~ do trampoline workouts, though. She’s also big on strength training—like, huge. Her trainer, Grant Roberts, dropped an Instagram video in February 2020 of Eva lifting, and the comments were (naturally) flooded with questions about Eva’s workouts. While Roberts said that his famous client does “some” cardio, he put in this little nugget: “Eva looks the way she does because of weight training :).”

Eva is also a fan of running, yoga, Pilates, and SoulCycle. “I’m just constantly mixing it up,” she told People in 2017.

Where can I get one of those mini trampolines? Because…

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