How to Try a Bob Haircut Without the Commitment, as Seen on Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham’s Faux Bob

Despite what it looks like, Ashley Graham didn’t chop her shoulder-length hair into a bob. The model’s hairstylist David Lopez actually used a clever trick to make Graham’s hair appear shorter without the use of scissors or wigs.

Lopez posted the photo of Graham’s shorter hair along with instructions on how to pull off his genius hack. First, he braided all of her hair flat to her head and away from her face, with the exception of the hair around her hairline and a small area near the crow on her head. Then he clipped in some extensions that he cut to his desired-bob length and spritzed the look with texturizing spray.

The result looks totally natural, and we can’t believe this isn’t a genuine cut. Check out Graham’s real, shoulder-length hair ahead.

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