Kim Kardashian West Is Unrecognizable in Her New KKW Beauty Campaign

Fresh off the success of her body makeup launch, Kim Kardashian West is shaking things up again with a new fire-inspired makeup collection. The Sooo Fire KKW Beauty makeup collection is her boldest and brightest launch yet. So bold, in fact, that the beauty mogul looks unrecognizable in the ad campaign and product packaging images that she just shared across Instagram an Twitter.

The Sooo Fire collection is inspired by, well, fire. The campaign image shows Kardashian West clutching an orange-and-red corset while a lit match hangs from her lips. But what makes her look totally unlike herself is the choice of platinum blonde waves, dark brows, and an intense orange graphic eyeshadow look. We’ve never seen Kardashian West wear a makeup look this bold in years—or possibly ever.

“I wanted to create something that was fun, and completely different than what we have done before. I’m so excited to see all of the looks you create,” Kardashian West wrote on Twitter. Most of KKW Beauty’s other products and limited edition collections have been centered around wearable neutral tones or classic looks like a red lip or smoky eye.

When KKW Beauty launched back in 2017, Kardashian West told she wasn’t focusing on color cosmetics, though that’s clearly changed. “I am focusing on skin,” she said at the time. “Not that I won’t have eyeshadows in a kit, but I am not focusing on color cosmetics. My line will really differ from Kylie’s and it is a whole separate thing.”

The products are what you’d expect in a fiery makeup collection: a ten-pan shadow palette with all warm shades; three metallic eyeliners in gold, bronze, and copper; and three warm-tone lip glosses in a brand-new formula. A bundle of all the products will cost you $115. The shadow palette goes for $45, while the eyeliners are $10 a piece and the glosses (with the new formula!) are $18 each. The new formula is said to be lightweight, non-tacky, and high-shine with an glass-like finish.

The Sooo Fire KKW Beauty collection is launching on Friday June 19th at 12 p.m. PST at

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