Makeup hack helps create radiant baby doll cheeks

You don’t need to buy anything new to hop on this beauty trend.

Makeup artist Nam Vo, known for her dewy skin, showed fans how to quickly create baby doll cheeks using only the stuff you already have.

All you need is a brush, red lipstick, and liquid concealer – makeup staples.

She says to grab your ‘brightest red lipstick’, then draw a line on the cheek at the upper centre, so it’s not sitting on the apple of the cheek.

Then take your ‘creamiest concealer’ and draw another line so you end up with a small ‘X’.

Finally take a brush and blend the two lines together.

The concealer will tone down the red of the lipstick, bringing it to a shade closer to your skin while still popping.

The creaminess of the concealer will also make the lipstick work more like a liquid.

Then job done – you’ll have flushed radiant cheeks in a tone that compliments your skin.

For a monochromatic look, you could then apply the lipstick on the lips as normal.

Nam’s product choices were the iconic Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and a Pat McGrath lipstick, but any red and liquid concealer will do the trick.

One fan commented Nam’s a ‘genius’, while another wrote: ‘Wait a damn minute. You just blew my mind.’

There’s no need to buy a liquid blush with this trick.

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