Selena Gomez Got Rid of Her Rainbow Nails and Went Back to Basics With a French Manicure

After kicking off her long weekend wearing a colorful “skittles” manicure, Selena Gomez started off the new week by going back to basics. On Sept. 7, the singer’s longtime manicurist, Tom Bachik, shared a photo of her wearing a classic deep french manicure just days after she sported rainbow nails. “Soft & Subtle,” Bachik captioned the photo on Instagram.

Over the last year, the once-popular ’90s trend has seen a huge resurgence among celebrities and nail enthusiasts. Even though several different versions of the trend have gained steam since then in the form of the “side tip” french manicure, the double french manicure, and more, Gomez chose to keep her nail art simple this time around by giving her nails a ballerina shape and keeping her tips white.

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