The airport security 100ml liquid rule is finally being scrapped

Written by Amy Beecham

Your journey through airport security is about to get a whole lot smoother thanks to new government guidelines on liquids and electricals. 

Trying to squeeze all your favourite beauty products into one tiny resealable bag to take through security is undoubtedly the most awkward part of travelling. But no longer will you have to make the impossible choice between your favourite sunscreen, primer or dry shampoo.

The government announced today (15 December) that security rules on liquids and items such as laptops in airport hand luggage will be scrapped by 2024. The exciting changes will see the 100ml liquid rule increased to two litres and means passengers will no longer need to remove electrical items from their bags at security.

The rules currently require that liquids, including sun cream, shampoo and toothpaste, are less than 100ml in volume and must be in a clear plastic bag, while items such as tablets, laptops and liquids must be removed from hand luggage. However, the government has set a deadline of June 2024 for most UK airports to install new high-tech 3D scanners that show more detailed images of baggage, meaning that passengers won’t need to remove electrical items from bags at security.

Mark Harper, the transport secretary, said the new technology would reduce “queuing times, [improve] the passenger experience and, most importantly, [detect] potential threats.

But be sure to check regulations when travelling ahead of the 2024 deadline.With the legislation being phased in across the country over the next two years, current rules will still apply at airports not using the technology. 

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