The Best Home Gym Equipment

The perfect home gym setup means you no longer have to pay for a gym membership or a personal trainer. All you need is the right workout equipment.

And your tools of choice will vary depending on your fitness level and fitness goals. Trying to lose weight? You might prefer to burn calories with cardio equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike. Want to tone up or build muscle? Grab a set of dumbbells and get into a strength-training routine.

In case you need a refresher on the benefits of regular exercise: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it can improve your brain health, help you manage your weight, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthen your bones and muscles, and make you so much happier. 

Whether you’re setting up shop in your garage, your living room or your bedroom — hey, whatever works! — here’s the home gym equipment you need to create your own killer indoor workout.

Row at the comfort of your home by investing in the Hydrow for an authentic rowing workout experience. This smooth, quiet, ergonomic design features a 22″ HD sweat-and-dust-resistant touchscreen that projects instructions, music and sounds of the water. Membership is sold separately. You have the option to pay monthly payments starting at $62 via Klarna. 

An alternative to spinning classes (and the famously pricey Peloton), the Echelon EX1 Bike allows you to follow along with streaming classes on your tablet — or just ride freestyle. You also have the option for monthly payments starting at $56 via Affirm. 

Resistance bands are a small but mighty form of home gym equipment. This set of three loop bands ranges from light to heavy, meaning you can get a solid full-body workout no matter your current fitness level or the size of your garage gym. It comes with a starter guide and carrying bag. Great resistance training exercises include bicep curls, shoulder presses, fire hydrants (for glutes and hamstrings) and side plank leg lifts (for obliques and glutes).

Even if you have a small space, you can still get a powerful workout in your home gym. This piece of exercise equipment is sturdy, portable, easy to install and extremely versatile — use it as a doorway pull-up bar or for sit-ups, pushups and dips.

Not able to use your gym membership or hire a personal trainer right now? The Mirror is a full-length, interactive mirror that streams all kinds of live and on-demand workouts (barre, yoga, boot camp) taught by world-class fitness instructors. Everything displays right on the LCD screen and it tracks your progress through a heart rate monitor and smart app (or Apple Watch). The price is steep — and doesn’t include the monthly $39 subscription. You can also do a risk-free 30-day trial.

Another affordable and versatile home gym staple, the exercise ball — also called a Swiss ball — is your ticket to a stronger core and booty. (This one comes with an air pump for quick and easy setup.) Try it with single leg bridges, pushups, pikes and more.

You’ve probably heard that you should you use a foam roller before and after your workout in order to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and tightness for a quicker recovery. But even if you’re not regularly working out, this piece of equipment can boost your circulation and flexibility. This 12-inch foam roller has a textured, non-slip surface.  This foam roller illustrates the most-common stretching exercises to do while using the foam roller.

The Bosu Balance Trainer has inspired tons of similar fitness products, but we love the original. Through various challenging exercises you can improve your strength, balance, flexibility and muscle tone. This is a great piece of home gym equipment to use while streaming your favorite shows.

A throwback activity — and great workout — that never gets old. This jump rope has an adjustable length, so it’s good for any height, and molded handles for a secure comfort while you hop, skip and jump.

Free weights are a no-brainer for any home gym, especially ones that won’t take up tons of space. Sculpt and strengthen with this set of two-, three- and five-pound dumbbells. From curls and lateral raises to adding weight to your normal cardio, you can work multiple muscle groups and get a seriously good sweat with these guys.

You don’t have to be a committed yogi to get good use out of a yoga mat. Use it for stretching while warming up and cooling down or to pad your back for exercises like sit-ups and bicycles.

Don’t forget to hydrate! This part is crucial to your meeting your fitness goals and maintaining your overall health. Shoot for eight eight-ounce glasses per day, a general guideline from the Mayo Clinic. Grab this sturdy 24-ounce Hydro Flask in one of six colors.

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