This Donut Eyeshadow Palette Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Your makeup routine is about to get a whole lot sweeter, thanks to Sugary Cosmetics’ Donut Shop Collection. If you have something of a sweet tooth and can’t resist a glazed treat, then you will love this new bakery-inspired drop.

The Donut Shop Collection comes with three cruelty-free donut themed products: The Donut Palette, Lip Icing, and lashes. The Donut Palette comes in the shape of a pink glazed donut with sprinkles on top. When you flip open the palette, the shadows rest on hot pink icing decorated with a rainbow of sugar sprinkles. There is also a toppling stack of donuts on the side, driving the point home that this palette is all about your favorite crullers and cinnamon-twists.

The palette has 10 pigmented colors inspired by different donuts, and they range across matte, shimmer, and glitter formulas. According to Kathy Brogna, the founder of Sugary Cosmetics, the eyeshadow names are inspired by her kids and their favorite donuts.

The first shadow is Strawberry Frosted and it’s an electric pink. That is followed by Glazed Blueberry, which is a pigmented sky blue shimmer; and Jelly, which is a matte dark purple.

Next up is Cake Batter, which is a slightly shimmery butter yellow; followed by Pistachio, which is a neon green; and Honey Glazed, which is a shimmery rust orange.

Boston Creme is a maroon brown perfect for fall; which is followed by Powdered, which is a shimmery bright white. The last two are the glitter shades of the palette. Pink Sprinkles is a pink and gold glitter shadow; and Blue Sprinkles is a teal glitter hue.

The Lip Icing is the matte lipstick collection that comes with the Donut Shop line.

"I love icing on my donuts, so I thought ‘Lip Icing’ was the perfect name for our matte lipsticks," Brogna shares with Bustle. There are two different colors to pick from: Strawberry Icing and Caramel Icing. Strawberry Icing is a soft pink hue, and Caramel Icing is a brownish-red color.

The Donut Lashes also come in three different bakery-inspired options: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Iced, and Lemon Blast. This time the names have nothing to do with the color of the lashes, but the length and thickness of the falsies. The lashes are reusable and can be worn up to 25 times.

Before the Donut Shop Collection, Sugary Cosmetics dropped their viral Lollipop Palette. There’s a reason why Brogna keeps going in a sugary theme with her makeup drops.

"I always knew I wanted to create my own beauty products," Brogna says. "When creating the brand I was inspired by the fun vibrant colors on candy packaging. Candy makes people happy, so anything sweet and colorful gets me inspired."

Brogna decided to go with donuts after lollipops because her kids got a kick out of it.

"It was very important for me to create a donuts collection right after The Lollipop Palette," she says. "Donuts are one of my kids favorite pastries and they actually get excited to talk about the product with me."

The official launch date for the Donut Shop Collection is June 5, just before International Donut Day. The palette retails for $26, so get ready to get your sweet fix in.

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