A Place In The Sun presenter Amanda Lamb admits new programme caused ‘quite a few tears’

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Amanda Lamb, 48, has revealed that there were moments on her latest show My Mortgage-Free Home that saw buyers become overcome with emotion, as they realised that their property dreams could become a reality. The real estate expert sets out to show couples and families how they can save money and live mortgage-free on the programme.

Quite a few tears

Amanda Lamb

In some instances, when Amanda would take people around properties that would save them money each month, the buyers would become visibly overwhelmed.

Amanda said: “When we come on board, quite often they will walk into a house, and it’s the first time (homebuyers) have walked into a property that would enable them to live that dream that they have had for years, you know. 

“There’s been a few people who have walked in and gone, ‘I could live in this and I could live in it and not have a mortgage’. 

“So yeah there’s been quite a few tears, but happy tears, not sad tears,” she added.

The clients who have appeared on the programme have also varied, with some hoping to downsize, and others who would like to leave “the rat race”.

She continued: ”A big variety of people (on the show), some people who are trying to get out of the rat race. 

“Other people their kids have grown up and all of a sudden they’re rattling around in these big family homes, that they don’t need anymore.  

“So there’s a real difference of people we have got on the show.”

In one particularly memorable moment, a lady who Amanda showed around a property was left speechless after seeing what she could afford to move into.

Amanda shared: “There was one moment with a lady that I filmed with a couple of weeks ago now, who when she walked into the kitchen of this house, in twenty years of working in property shows, I have never seen a reaction like it.

“She was absolutely blown away by it, she was quite gobsmacked. 

“She kept staring at it going, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it’.”

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Amanda appeared on A Place In The Sun as a host for five years between 2001-2005.

The presenter has not ruled out a return to the programme that made her a household name.

She divulged: “I’d love to go back, I think my girls are a bit older now, they stopped commissioning a place in the sun, when my daughter was three and a half, so for three years there were no episodes. 

“When it came back, they did ask me to go back, at the time she was three and a half, nearly four, she was just about to start school. 

“I couldn’t just take off for two years, and not see her. Or drag her around with me, so I couldn’t do it but now they are both a bit older, quite possibly.”

She added: “I’d love to go back and do a few celeb ones they were good fun when I did those. 

“I did one with Tara Palmer Tomkinson and Anthea Turner. 

“It was good fun, but yeah I’m very happy with my Mortgage-Free Home because it means I get to do two/three days a week of filming and then the rest of the time I can be at home with the kids and the dogs.”

My Mortgage Free Home airs Mondays from 12th October, 9pm on HGTV

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