A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman addresses changes to show ‘There’s loads’

Jasmine Harman, 43, addressed changes which have been made to the presenting team on A Place In The Sun to accommodate “different commitments”. The star has been working on the Channel 4 show since 2004 alongside a host of presenters including Jonnie Irwin, 45, and Laura Hamilton, 37. Jasmine explained why she often appears in the away legs of the programme and revealed why the presenters tend to “mix it up a bit more” now. She exclusively told Express.co.uk: “When I first started in 2004 on A Place In The Sun: Home or Away?, it was me and Jonnie Irwin. He did home and I did away. 

We mix it up a bit more and now we have a whole team of presenters who are all doing different things.

Jasmine Harman

“That’s how it was for about 10 years, so he never got to go abroad and that was just how it worked at that time.”

Addressing this year’s filming schedule, she added: “Now we do a lot more episodes of A Place In The Sun and a lot fewer episodes of A Place In The Sun: Home or Away?.

“There are more abroad. I first did the home leg when I had my first baby. I went back to work quite quickly after giving birth and it was just easier to travel in the UK.

“But this year I’ve already done three on the home leg and I’ve got one more to come.”

The TV personality went on to address how she feels about the changes in the presenting line-up since she first started hosting.

Jasmine admitted: “We mix it up a bit more and now we have a whole team of presenters who are all doing different things. 

“So Laura Hamilton and Ben Hillman also do Home or Away? and A Place In The Sun, so it’s great because everyone has different commitments and different days, there’s loads of us now!”

Speaking about her experience on A Place In The Sun, she added: “Me and Jonnie are the oldest and the longest standing presenters. 

“It’s great to have such a great team even if I am the old one! I think with age comes experience and wisdom.”

Jasmine, who recently lost an impressive two stone in weight, continued: “I feel like my confidence has grown the older I get in every aspect of my life I feel more confident with my opinions.

“I feel more confident with my work, I feel more confident with my body and my clothes. 

“If something’s happening I know the right way to approach it.

“For example, if I’m trying to find the perfect property for my house hunters and I feel like we’re going down the wrong road with the properties that we’ve lined up, I feel confident enough to say we need to change this, we need to adapt.”

Elsewhere, Jasmine Harman shared the results of her recent beauty transformation on Instagram.

The presenter showed off her new darker hair colour in view of her 24,000 followers last week, revealing she added lowlights and had a few inches cut off.

She wrote: “I asked the hairdresser to make me look young and trendy… a tall order but I think they might just have pulled it off!

“What do you think? Thanks Sy and Leon at @richardwardhair.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 from 4pm.

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