After SZA Accused Sephora Of Racially Profiling Her, They Will Close Stores For Diversity Training

NBC News reports that R&B singer SZA is about to piss off a ton of makeup vloggers when they can’t get the right shade of concealer they need to complete their makeup tutorial from their local Sephora on June 5th because it’s closed. After making a complaint about getting profiled at a Sephora store, the company has decided to close hundreds of US stores to do “inclusion workshops”. Don’t you love how we have to constantly reiterate to each other how to not treat each other like crap?

It all started when SZA decided to pop down to the Sephora in Calabasas to get some Fenty products. That Sephora must be a hotspot since Kalabasas is homebase to the Kardashian Klan and that means makeup is a big commodity round those parts. Well, one employee thought that SZA didn’t look like their regular clientele and got suspicious as the singer was perusing the Fenty Beauty products. After the employee called security on SZA, she tweeted about it:

I hope that Sandy Sephora had fun cleaning out her locker because methinks sis is no longer slinging liquid lipsticks at Location 614. After this shit hit Sephora’s fan–a company who prides itself on inclusion and getting women, men and children dragged up in the finest quality makeup–they decided to over-correct the issue hard.

First they posted to Twitter to apologize for Sandy:

Then they announced that on June 5th, 400 stores across the US will be closed in the morning so that the employees can do inclusion workshops. So this upcoming Wednesday there’s gonna be a lot of pissed of MUAs in the morning. Gotta wait til the afternoon for your highlighter-fix! Oh and the low-level retail-workers aren’t the only ones getting schooled on how not to be racist, corporate offices and distribution centers are getting the education also.

Sephora made a statement saying the company “believes in championing all beauty,” “building a community where diversity is expected” and “all are welcomed.” They’re launching a whole initiative about it:

Truly one of the biggest gags here is that SZA was in a Fenty Beauty campaign, so she doesn’t even need to steal Fenty products because she can ask Rihanna for it! And that’s what happened anyway–SZA posted on Instagram to show that Rihanna sent her a gift card and handwritten note saying: “Go buy yo’ Fenty Beauty in peace sis! One love, Rihanna.”

Oh Sandy, you have ruined your makeup career! No Sephora is going to hire you after this! No MAC, either! Not even Ulta Beauty! Although, you might want to check if those racism-spewing YouTubers Laura Lee and Jeffree Star are looking for an assistant.


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