Al Sharpton Slams Ex-Memphis Cops Accused of Killing Tyre Nichols

Al Sharpton went in on the former Memphis police officers accused of murdering Tyre Nichols, saying the fact the 5 cops are all Black makes the situation even worse.

We caught up with the Reverend on Friday outside NBC Studios in NYC … and he didn’t mince words after the release of police body cam footage showing Tyre’s deadly assault.

The Rev told us … “I want to make it clear: these five officers are Black does not make it less. In fact, it’s more egregious that some black cops in a town where MLK gave his life, that’s where he was killed, would do this is outrageous.”

martin luther king

Of course, Al was referring to the fatal shooting of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, TN, on April 4, 1968. James Earl Ray confessed to the murder and died of liver disease in prison.

What’s more, the Rev said the ex-officers did a disservice to black people trying to change the justice system from within. “We fought to get them on the [police] force to correct the force, not to do this.“

He also took a swipe at Congress for failing to pass into law the 2021 George Floyd Act, which would have increased accountability for police misconduct.

The Rev said … “I put this at the feet of those that would not vote for federal law after George Floyd, there were no laws changed!”

Floyd, as you know, was infamously killed in 2020 by then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of the homicide and sentenced to decades behind bars.

Al wrapped things up by urging anyone protesting in Tyre’s name not to engage in violence. He said if they do riot it will only help the accused officers defend themselves in the criminal case.

Here’s how Al explained it, “They will be able to say ‘See that’s what we were afraid of. Look at how out of control they were.’ Don’t help the opposition.”

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