Amber Heard Denies Being Removed from 'Aquaman 2'

Amber Heard‘s days in ‘Aquaman 2’ are numbered … IF you believe one report claiming she’s been axed, but her team says that’s a false rumor born out of post-trial vitriol for Amber.

Reports have circulated over the last week — not from traditional industry outlets, BTW — alleging the actress has been nixed from the sequel, and not just that, but that her role is going to be recast with an unnamed actress, with reshoots scheduled to take place soon.

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That’s total BS, though, according to Amber’s spokesperson … who tells us, “The rumor mill continues as it has from Day One — inaccurate, insensitive, and slightly insane.”

As for Warner Bros — the studio that would be making the call on Amber’s status — we’ve reached out, but haven’t heard back yet.

Here’s the reality … Amber has no say in how much she’s featured in the movie, or if she gets recast in it. The studio shot all her scenes as Mera nearly a year ago, and they paid her too — $2 million, as we learned in court — so contractually, they’re done.

There were rumblings Amber’s screen time had been cut down significantly — the word was, as of one of the more recent screenings, she was in it for less than 10 minutes … and DC chief Walter Hamada seemed to confirm that in his testimony, but stopped short of declaring a hard number.

While WB is, no doubt, monitoring all the fallout from the trial, it would be a pretty extreme move to recast her.

Although many fans have called for it, it would be costly and time-consuming … and ‘Aquaman 2’ has already been delayed once.

But, of course, stranger things have happened.

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