BBC Breakfast’s Rachel Burden issues apology after being inundated with ‘guff’ messages

Rachel Burden receives gift from Nicky Campbell on BBC 5 Live

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Being in the public eye comes with both positives and negatives, but it’s never nice to receive nasty and unnecessary messages from viewers and online trolls armed with insults. And BBC Breakfast presenter Rachel Burden, decided not to put herself through the heart-stopping act of trawling through them on Tuesday night.

Tonight I had to trawl through a whole load of guff that to be honest I CBA with

Rachel Burden

The TV star admitted she would be “swerving” her usual nightly routine because she couldn’t be bothered to deal with the backlash.

Taking to Twitter, she issued an apology to her 87.7K followers about missing some of the nice messages she was sent due to leaving her social media well alone.

“Evening. I usually whizz through all my replies to check I haven’t missed something important or lovely,” she began.

“Tonight I had to trawl through a whole load of guff that to be honest I CBA with.

“So I may swerve that nightly routine for a bit. Apologies if I miss something.”

In a separate tweet, she quickly added: “This is not a plea for nice replies.

“Honestly it goes with the job so it’s not a problem. Everyone has a right to a view.”

Following her post, fans rushed to the comments section to provide the presenter with some support.

One replied: “No idea what has occurred but I was just discussing your brilliant presenting while visiting my ageing parents earlier this evening and saying how you are so relatable and down to earth you are with no ego at all, loving what you do, don’t change! #guardianoftheairwaves.”

A second agreed: “Well I’ll send a nice reply anyway. Twitter is toxic and it’s normally the loud and abusive that rise to the top. There are many, many more like me, that listen to you every day and sit in silent admiration. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s b****y brilliant. Ignore negativity.”

A third apologised: “I’m sorry you have to deal with this crap Rach, you’re a queen.”

Earlier this month, the BBC presenter was inundated once again with kind messages, after she paid tribute to her brother on what would have been a milestone birthday.

Alongside a picture of her sibling, Rachel wrote: “This is my brother Nick.

“It would have been his 50th birthday today.

“He died a week after his 16th birthday,” Rachel added.

She went on: “He was a life force, loved by many and we miss him every day.

“I’m proud he was my brother which is why I’m sharing this.

“Love you Nicky,” the radio star ended her post.

One kind follower added colour the presenter’s photo, which had previously been in black and white.

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