Billie Eilish Fans Defend Teen Singer From Objectification

Teen sensation and emo-pop singer Billie Eilish recently posed for a picture with an eager fan wearing a tank top underneath a grey, baggy zip-up hoodie, which was extensively shared on Twitter.

One user commented, “Billie Eilish is THICK,” which caused a storm of comments from the young singer’s fans, who attacked the user for blatantly sexualizing the artist.

“hope billie never sees this. i don’t know what’s worse. you sexualizing a minor or you sexualizing someone who has gone out of their way to cover themselves,” tweeted one user, emphasizing the fact that Eilish usually wears baggy clothes to avoid such comments.

While other fans tried to defend the original poster by claiming that the 17-year-old singer is “legal” in several states, a large majority called them out, saying, “what’s your point here. 17 is legal where you are so you can do what you’d like to her orrrrrr?”

Eilish has yet to comment on the dumpster-fire of a situation.

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