Brooke Vincent reveals she’s expecting second baby with partner Kean as she flaunts blossoming baby bump in stunning shoot

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Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent exclusively reveals to OK! she’s expecting her second child with partner Kean Bryan and can’t contain her excitement at having two under two…

Brooke welcomed her first child, son Mexx, with partner Kean Bryan in October 2019, and now, just over a year later, she exclusively tells us they’re expecting their second baby.

In what has been a tough time for everyone, the Coronation Street star admits it’s some nice news among the darkness. While it means she’ll have two children under the age of two, Brooke – who’s in her second trimester and is due next spring – isn’t fazed.

Showing off her blossoming bump in our beautiful shoot, she tells us, “We wanted more children and we wanted them close together, so we’re both really happy.”

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The actress, 28, found out she was pregnant when she was five weeks along. The couple have chosen to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, but Brooke, who has been with Sheffield United player Kean, 24, for over four years, says she “doesn’t mind” what they have.

She also thanks one-year-old Mexx for keeping her busy throughout her first trimester and admits she can’t wait for him to become a big brother.

“It makes me want to cry thinking about it,” she says. “I don’t think I’m a soppy person, but the thought of him being a big brother and being caring really does make my little heart fuzzy.”

Here, Brooke opens up to OK! about expanding her brood, how motherhood has changed her and if she’ll make a return to the cobbles…

Congratulations, Brooke! How are you feeling?

I’m feeling really good. It’s been a hard year for everyone, so it’s some nice news. It’s a little bit different with your second because you know what’s coming. When I was pregnant with Mexx, it was just a massive shock to the system and I was tired all the time and didn’t understand why, whereas now, I know what’s going on and I’ve been getting on with it a bit more. I don’t really have the time to be saying, “I’m so tired!” because I’ve got another baby to look after.

Have you had any symptoms?

Not really. I haven’t had any morning sickness, but I never really did with Mexx either. I started being a little bit sick with him, but nothing too bad. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m busy with Mexx and I eat at the same time as him, whereas when I was pregnant the first time, it was a case of getting myself into a routine of having breakfast.

When did you find out that you were pregnant?

I knew at five weeks. I’m quite regular so I know when something isn’t normal. The first time you find out you’re pregnant, it’s a massive shock and you get all these kinds of emotions. We wanted another baby and we wanted them close together, so it was just a really warming moment. We were just really happy. I think I cried because I was so happy!

Were you trying for your second baby?

We weren’t necessarily trying, but it wasn’t a surprise either. It was something we’d spoken about. We said we wanted a baby sooner rather than later because we wanted them to grow up together.

How did your family and friends react?

I haven’t really told anyone. I told people quite early with Mexx and I felt like everyone was on the pregnancy [journey] with me. So I thought I’d just keep it to myself for a bit longer. But obviously we’ve told our families and they’re all really excited. Everyone thinks it’s so nice that they’ll be able to grow up together.

Does it feel strange being pregnant in the kind of times we’re in?

I went for a private scan before my 12-week scan and Kean was allowed to come with me at that time. I would have loved for Mexx to have come too, even though he wouldn’t have understood – I just think it would have been nice for him. I’m lucky that this is my second time around and I know what the procedure is. Whereas it would be so daunting to have to go and do little milestones on your own.

How was your first scan?

It was good! It was a really detailed scan. There wasn’t anyone having an appointment after us, so we were able to take our time. Because the baby was really active at the time, we had a lot to go on. We were able to see the baby’s hands, feet and legs. It’s a really magical feeling. It’s a bit surreal, to be honest. It’s like you’re watching the telly and it’s not actually happening as I can’t feel anything just yet.

Have you had any cravings yet?

No. My craving with Mexx was ice. It was ridiculous – I used to take ice with me to the hospital. But when I had him, it just completely stopped. It was so bizarre.

Will you find out the gender this time?

We’re not going to find out. We want to keep it as a surprise.

Do you have any inkling about what you’re having?

I don’t know! With Mexx, everyone had their opinion. Even my midwife was like, “I think it’s a girl!” Everyone thought it was a girl, so then I thought it was a girl.

Would you quite like a girl this time?

Everyone says this, but I think it’s more magnified when you’re actually having a baby that you just want them to be healthy, so I really don’t mind. I didn’t mind with Mexx, either. I’m happy with whatever I’m given. Mexx is the best little thing in the world so if I get another boy, fabulous, if I get a girl and she’s like me, then we’re going to have chaos!

Why do you say that?

I’m just chaos! Mexx has Kean’s temperament because he’s quite laid-back and really chilled, whereas I’m 100 miles per hour and everything has to be done yesterday.

Have you thought about names for the second baby?

We had a couple of names with Mexx, because we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. So I’m thinking, “What do you do with the second? Do you find a new name that you love?” We absolutely still love some of the names we were speaking about for Mexx. It’s strange because once you see them, you know whether the name suits them or not.

Do you know what kind of birth you want this time?

I’m not really fussed. I didn’t have a birth plan before because they never go to plan. I’m just so chilled with the procedure. I was chilled with Mexx and I’m going to be with this one – there’s no point worrying about it!

Mexx has just turned one. Are you worried about having two under two?

I’m quite chilled about it. I’m really lucky with Mexx, because he’s a good baby. But I just think to myself, “You don’t have any other option!” So if he’s up all night crying, I can’t give him to anyone, so I have to just deal with it. It’s a perk having them together and growing together – that’s what I really wanted.

How do you think he will react to another baby in the house?

I’m going to buy him a doll for Christmas and keep explaining that it is his baby. So when the baby arrives he’ll feel like he has one too. Hopefully he won’t know any different when the baby comes!

How did becoming a mum change you as a person?

One of the main things that I’ve noticed is that normally I like to make sure I’m doing the right thing and I like to get people’s opinions. But being a mum, I don’t ask anyone’s opinion. I do what I want to do and it either works or it doesn’t and I don’t get stressed about it. With Kean, we’re learning together. We haven’t been parents before so it’s learning on the job.

And how did becoming parents change your relationship?

I’ve seen a completely different side to Kean that I’ve never seen before. For example, I’d say he’s not a morning person, but after Mexx, he’s so loving and sprightly in the morning now. But I wouldn’t say it’s changed for better or for worse, I’d just say I idolise him for different things now.

Would you like any more children in the future?

More than one was definitely something we wanted so that they could grow up together. I said the other day, “When do you get to the point of being like, right, this is our last child?” But if we end up with two, three, four children, then it is what it is.

Is marriage on the cards next?

We’ve always spoken about marriage, but I don’t necessarily think a ring on my finger is going to change our relationship. I’m glad that I didn’t get married before having Mexx. We’d be marrying as a family now, and that’s what we’d get married for, to become one. I’d want my babies there.

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Your friend and former Coronation Street co-star Helen Flanagan is also pregnant. Have you guys given each other advice?

Helen always gets a little bit poorly when she’s pregnant so it’s really hard for her. I don’t think I could give any advice to Helen because she’s bossing it at the minute being super mum!

Do you have plans to return to Coronation Street as Sophie Webster?

I do, but I’ve been in Corrie from the age of 11, so I feel like it’s a natural break for me to have – having kids and being a mum. It goes so quick. Mexx is one and I don’t know where that time has gone. I would really regret not being at home with them as much as I can be. While I can stay off work, I’m going to.

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