‘Can’t chance it’ Ulrika Jonsson delays Covid booster amid fears ahead of filming new show

Ulrika Jonsson reveals details of eventful night out

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Ulrika Jonsson, 54, has delayed her booster shots as a result of fears that a jab might affect her work performance. This comes after the star previously spoke out to advocate the use of the Covid vaccine.

It comes as the Gladiators star is set to take part in this year’s Celebs Go Dating.

The television presenter said she felt people have a duty to take the jab to keep others safe.

She added that she has no time for anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists.

Ulrika said: “I see it as my personal and societal duty and have very little time for…those who make excuses for not having the jab.”

She then proceeded to say that she was going to delay her Covid booster.

She continued by trying to clarify that there was no “vaccine reluctance” involved in her decision.

The Swedish model explained in her column for The Sun that her second jab had her “out of action” for 12 days and she didn’t feel she could risk this happening again due to her busy schedule.

Ulrika confirmed that her production team does “religious” PCR tests every other day.

She then went on to brand herself one of the “safest people to be around”, as she doesn’t expose herself to vulnerable or un-tested people.

She finishes with a witty remark, saying: “My booster time will come and I will again feel the gratitude of yet another small prick. In my arm.”

It comes after Ulrika previously got herself in trouble in relation to Covid.

Earlier this year, she was attacked by internet trolls for getting her jab “too early”.

Many said that she only received preferential treatment because she was a celebrity, but Ulrika countered, saying it was because she was a carer for her 20-year-old daughter, who suffers from a congenital heart defect.

At the time, she told trolls to keep their “negative thoughts” inside their “little minds” and told how she was “emotional” and “grateful” to receive the vaccine.

The star, back in February, reached out to her 135,000 followers on Instagram.

She wrote a post which hit back at critics who had attacked the star for allegedly not being “qualified” to receive the vaccine.

She wrote: “READ: This just happened. A) because I’m a celebrity; I badgered my local GP surgery and elbowed other more frail and more vulnerable people out of the way.

“Or B) because I am my daughter’s carer.

“If you have negative thoughts, please keep them in your little mind.

“I’m my daughter’s carer. I questioned the call-up but they insisted and also I do not want to lock myself out of the system.

“My daughter with CHD had to access a vaccine centre. I don’t want to knock the roll out. I come from a nation of 9m. This country has vaccinated over 15m,” she said.

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