Cardi B Irritates 6ix9ine’s GF Jade After Insinuating She Lied in Club Brawl Case

Jade hits back at the ‘WAP’ hitmaker after the rapper retweets posts that say the female bartender was lying about claims that she sent ‘men to beat up women.’

AceShowbizCardi B and Jade are taking their beef online before settling their altercation case in court. The Bronx femcee has angered the female bartender after she insinuated that the latter was lying in the brawl case.

The currently pregnant star took a swipe at Jade, who is 6ix9ine‘s girlfriend, as she retweeted two posts by a fan, one of which included a clip of 6ix9ine and Jade on Instagram Live with DJ Akademiks. During the chat, Akademiks asked Jade if she’s the person Cardi was beefing with and she said yes.

However, when he told her he heard that “Cardi’s people did a number on you,” both Jade and Tekashi laughed and she said, “Nah. Never that.” The fan included a definition of slang term “to do a number on someone,” which means “to injure someone or something.”

The fan commented on the clip, “it’s really just laughable how y’all are STILL trying to spread that lie of ‘cardi sending men to beat up women’ when the woman cardi allegedly ‘harrassed (sic)’ admitted It was a lie. Lol.”

Catching wind of this, Jade didn’t remain silent. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she insisted that she was telling the truth in the club brawl lawsuit. “A lie? Don’t put words in my mouth! Everybody knows the truth including your husband. Let’s not take it there,” she wrote, before warning Cardi, “Don’t retweet anything about me or a case that’s far from over!”

Cardi was charged with a string of misdemeanors and two felony counts of attempted assault with intent to cause serious injury for allegedly attacking Jade and her sister Baddie Gi during a 2018 strip club brawl. In 2019, she rejected a deal from prosecutors, which would have required her to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault in the third degree.

She instead chose to fight her original charges and pleaded not guilty in the summer of 2019 although discussions between her lawyers and prosecutors continued in an effort to bring the case to an end without a trial.

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