Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast host unveils ‘weakness’ for companion ‘He can do no wrong’

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BBC Breakfast host Carol Kirkwood rarely shares intimate details about her home life, but in a recent interview the weather forecaster spoke candidly about her personal life, where she admitted her cat Donald “can do no wrong”.

The 58-year-old broadcaster is known for her love of cats and is the proud owner of a tabby feline, who has reached the grand old age of 20.

During a recent chat, Carol admitted that Donald is her “best friend” and said she often finds it difficult to say “no” to him.

She told Daily Express: “My greatest weakness is my cat, Donald. He’s 20 years old and he rules the roost.

“If I’m late back from work I get a right telling off.”

She continued: “He can do no wrong. He’ll sit outside his treat cupboard, look at me with his big green eyes and I simply can’t say no.”

Carol added that her beloved pet knows “everything” about her; from her happiness to her sadness.

“My best friend is Donald my cat. He’s the one ‘person’ who knows everything about me,” she explained.

“My happiness, my sadness, everything – and he never tells a soul.”

The weather forecaster previously dished on the loss of her beloved cat Angus who went “missing” some years ago.

Carol said: “They were always playing and they were always grooming each other as well.

“Then when Angus went missing, Donald was distraught and he would come in and miaow all over the place.”

She added to Bill Turnbull’s Paws and Claws podcast that it will “break my heart” if Donald was not around.


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Carol explained: “I hope that he’ll be around for a long time yet. It will break my heart when he’s not here.”

Elsewhere, the BBC star opened up about her new relationship as she admitted their first date together was the “best day of my life”.

While she did not reveal who her partner is, Carol described him as “funny and kind”.

The meteorologist commented: “The best day of my life was the first date I had with my partner.

“He’s funny and kind and we had the nicest time together – I knew immediately I wanted to be with him.”

Carol was previously married to her former husband Jimmy Kirkwood for almost two decades.

The weather presenter has explained that she feels “braver” after her divorce and has since tried things outside of her comfort zone.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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