Charlie Webster: Sky Sports star broke down over ‘bad results’ after life-changing illness

Sky Sports presenter Charlie Webster, 36, was placed in a medically induced coma after contracting a rare form of malaria while in Brazil for the Olympics in 2016.

Speaking of the aftermath of her ordeal, the TV star said her kidneys are “permanently damaged” meaning she can no longer drink alcohol.

She explained: “The main thing is that I don’t drink alcohol anymore, at all.

“I’m not allowed to. It could put them under too much pressure.”

It could put them under too much pressure.

Charlie Webster

Charlie went on to explain she also isn’t allowed to have “too much salt” in her diet.

She added: “Diet-wise, it’s mainly salt I can’t have, which is really hard because I’ve not got a sweet tooth, I’ve got a salt tooth.

“Whenever I have too much salt I swell up and feel really sick.”

She added: “I’m not allowed to take ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory drugs, or antibiotics.”

Charlie went on to say despite being hospitalised three years ago, she received “bad results” for her kidney and liver when tested a year ago.

She went onto say: “I came out of the hospital and broke down in tears.

“I was so frustrated, I was so angry, because I was really healthy before – which is one of the reasons I survived.”

But insisting she tried to think positively, she added: “I was like, no, hang on: They said I wasn’t going to survive and I survived, so this is not going to debilitate me.”

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