Christie Brinkley, 65, shows off svelte figure in American flag inspired bathing suit

Christie Brinkley shows off svelte figure in American flag inspired bathing suit

Christie Brinkley celebrated the 4th of July in the best way possible — with a patriotic one-piece.

Christie Brinkley celebrated the Fourth of July in the best way possible — with a patriotic one-piece.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl flaunted her beach-ready bod by rocking a festive, curve-hugging look in a selfie posted on Instagram.

“Stars and @solidandstriped us,” captioned the 65-year-old, noting the brand behind her sizzling look. “Happy 4th of July outfit! #beachparty.”

And Brinkley has plenty of reasons to celebrate these days. On July 2nd, she honored her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook, who turned 21.

“And just like that my little sunflower is 21!” Brinkley shared on Instagram. “Sailor, May you breeze thru this next year with the wind at your back and your sails filled with laughter adventure and love!”

“Sailor had her first big adventure in the first minute of her life!” continued Brinkley in a separate post. “As the Doctor handed her to me for her first hug…the bottom half of the table we were on broke…turning our bed into a slide!!!! I held tight to my baby girl as we slid off right onto the Doctor! Talk about comedic timing and a memorable first entrance. That’s my @sailorbrinkleycook.”

Brinkley turned the big 6-5 in February of this year. However, the model insisted to Fox News that age is nothing but a number.


“I think that the number really doesn’t represent the modern woman today,” she said at the time. “In the olden days, the numbers came with so many rules and so much weight on a woman. There were so many restrictions associated with certain numbers. Like after 30 you can’t wear your skirt above your knee. After 40 you shouldn’t wear your hair below your shoulders. Nowadays, women are totally reshaping the numbers and giving those numbers a new image. To me, to be turning 65, it really could be any number. The only thing is that once you pass 50, every birthday is an opportunity to take stock and say, “What else do I want to do?” And then go for it!”

Brinkley also revealed that secret to looking and feeling confident in a bikini is simply by staying active and having a plant-based diet.

“I’ve always loved sports and doing things outdoors,” Brinkley explained. “Whether it’s running around the tennis court, standup paddle boarding, skiing, kayaking, cycling, mountain trails — I just love being active and doing things. It’s just so important to keep moving every day, especially at my age now. My enemy is sitting. It’s a big mistake for people to think they need to sit it out. That’s the worst thing you can do. You gotta get yourself to a physical therapist, figure out what’s causing those aches and pains, strengthen your muscles and keep going.”

“I’m a lifelong vegetarian and I’m always seeking out my fruits and vegetables,” continued Brinkley. “I always make sure my fruits, vegetables and grains are all organic. We live in a world that’s so full of chemicals. … We need to clean up our bodies and our environment. One of the best ways is to insist on everything being organic because mankind just cannot take these chemicals anymore. … Diseases are running rampant and this is something we all need to insist on. The prices will go down as more and more people demand organic.”

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