Deadly Murder Hornets Nest Found In Washington State, Invading U.S.

Asian murder hornets have made their way to Washington State … authorities just found a nest, the first one discovered in the U.S., and now humans wanna kill the deadly insects ASAP!!!

The Washington State Dept. of Agriculture says they’ve located an Asian giant hornet nest on a private property in Blaine … and as you can see, the murder hornets set up shop inside a tree.

The WSDA says they’re gonna try and destroy the nest Saturday, after plans to wipe it out Friday were dashed due to inclement weather. It’s 2020, did you really think murder hornets would go out that easy?!?

Entomologists from the WSDA found the nest after a trapper caught two live murder hornets Wednesday using a new type of trap. Two more hornets, also living, were found in another trap Thursday and entomologists attached radio trackers to the big buggers, which led them to the nest.

It’s pretty scary … the nest is inside a tree near an area cleared for a residential home, and authorities counted dozens of hornets entering and exiting the tree. These murder hornets usually nest in the ground, but sometimes they pick a dead tree for their home base.

As we’ve reported … the WSDA has been on the hunt for murder hornet nests since the first insect was caught earlier this year, and authorities had to navigate a ton of false reports.

The hope here — eradicating murder hornets before they decimate our bee population, not to mention any human casualties along the way.

Kinda makes ya wonder … how many undiscovered nests are out there?!?

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