Eva Green blames ‘Frenchness’ for branding bosses ‘stupid’ amid trial

Bond girl Eva Green, 42, is suing production company White Lantern Films and is currently giving evidence as part of the $1 million legal battle. The actress said her “Frenchness” was to blame after she referred to film bosses as “weak and stupid”.

The Casino Royale star made her arguments in the High Court today after being accused of sending abusive messages to those in charge of failed sci-fi flick A Patriot.

Eva is suing production company White Lantern Films over the film she was set to star in, after production was shut down back in October 2019.

The James Bond actress is claiming she is entitled to her $1million (£810,000) fee for the movie, despite its cancellation.

In text messages used in White Lantern’s evidence, the claimant is said to refer to one of the film’s executive producers, Jake Seal, as “evil”, a “devious sociopath”, “a liar and a mad man” and “pure vomit”.

She is also said to have branded production manager Terry Bird “a f****** moron” and described the men as “total a***holes”.

When she was confronted with one message, where she is said to have called her director and producer “weak and stupid”, Eva said it was “my Frenchness coming out”.

“Sometimes I say emotional things I don’t really mean,” she told the court.

“Of course they are not weak and stupid. It was my emotions speaking.”

Eva went on to tell the High Court she is a “serious actress” who would not star in a “sh***y B-movie” that could have killed her career before it was cancelled.

She also claimed she was unfairly made out to be a “diva” by White Lantern Films, which is defending its case and ringing a counterclaim against the French actress.

The production company claims Eva made “unreasonable demands” that ultimately undermined the making of the film.

Meanwhile, the star insisted in the witness box today that she had wanted to make the “most brilliant film possible” after “falling in love” with the script.

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“I don’t care about the money, I live to make good films. It’s my religion,” she said.

However she went on to express her fears that her career could be affected after citing problems with the production.

She told the court: ‘When you appear in a B movie you are labelled as a B actress. It could kill my career.’

The star, who appeared in court this afternoon, looked smart in black sunglasses and a green velvet jacket as she entered the witness box.

The trial began last Thursday in London, with Max Mallin KC, for White Lantern, claiming that Eva had an “animosity” towards the vision executive producer Jake Seal had for the film.

Listing a number of expletive-filled exchanges between the actress, her agent and the film’s director, the barrister also said she referred to local crew members as “sh***y peasants… from Hampshire”.

In defence of the actress, her barrister Edmund Cullen KC said the evidence was “designed to paint my client as a diva to win headlines and damage her reputation”.

This is an ongoing trial.

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