Everything we need to see in YouTube Rewind 2019 after 2018's disaster

We’re just days away from YouTube Rewind 2019 being released and the atmosphere of dread is palpable.

While the yearly videos were once hailed as a celebration of all things YouTube, last year’s edition, Everyone Controls Rewind faced major backlash.

It even became the most disliked video on the platform, replacing Justin Bieber‘s Baby, as creators like PewDiePie, Logan Paul, and KSI were ditched in favour of mainstream celebs like Will Smith.

So, can they do any better this year? Let’s hope so. Here’s everything that YouTube Rewind 2019 should include.

PewDiePie and T-Series

Love him or hate him, it’s undeniable that PewDiePie’s had one hell of a year.

From his battle with T-Series, which rolled over into early 2019 to hitting 100 million subscribers and his wedding to his wife Marzia Kjellberg, it would be a bit baffling if he were to be excluded again.

There’s any number of reasons he could have been missed out last year – including his many controversies – but fans are sure to be on the lookout for the top YouTuber this time around, and not just in the form of JaidenAnimations’ crafty Easter eggs.

As for T-Series, after the battle they’ve been flying high as YouTube’s most-subscribed channel, currently racing ahead at the 120 million mark.

YouTube’s going to need a 150 million subscriber plaque pronto.

The Bird Box challenge

It was but three days into 2019, and the internet turned into an actual disaster zone.

Inspired by the Sandra Bullock flick, YouTube stars started blindfolding themselves and doing their daily tasks which might seem harmless enough, if a little stupid.

That was until Jake Paul attempted to drive blindfolded, before filming himself walking into traffic. Yep.

With Netflix issuing a warning to stop the challenge, it might not be the best idea to recreate the challenge in YouTube Rewind – but a small nod might be in order.

KSI v Logan Paul

The feud may have kicked off last year with the pair’s original boxing match, but things were brought to a whole new level this time around as KSI and Logan came to blows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

It had drama, it had a triumphant victory, and it had Justin Bieber – what more do you need?!

Racking up millions of views and earning millions each from the big fight, it’s sure to go down in history as one of the biggest YouTube events.

Of course, Logan isn’t exactly without his controversies and YouTube might be reluctant to promote him after the 2018 suicide forest scandal.

But, with KSI now earning a top 10 hit and putting it all down to the ‘powerful YouTube community’, it seems young JJ is definitely deserving of a spot.

Area 51

In an alternative universe, 2019 is the year we finally discovered aliens. But in this universe, a bunch of YouTubers attempted to invade Area 51 instead.

You win some, you lose some.

Storm Area 51 started out as a joke on Facebook, but saw more than two million people getting involved.

While only 150 actually turned up to Area 51 on the day, music festivals Alienstock and  Storm Area 51 Basecamp were created, with YouTubers including MrBeast, PewDiePie, and Grandayy getting in on the action.

As the age-old saying goes, ‘they can’t stop all of us’.

James Charles v Tati Westbrook

In one of the most shocking fall-outs of all time, Tati Westbrook made internet history when she uploaded her video Bye Sister.

She accused James of all sorts, from lying about a brand deal to ‘manipulating people’s sexuality’, with James denying the claims in his own, equally fiery video.

James experienced a downfall like no other, losing millions of subscribers in a matter of days after the likes of Zara Larsson and Jeffree Star got involved – only to earn them straight back again and for people to turn on Tati instead.

While it’s unlikely to be included in Rewind 2019 (because, let’s face it, it was a genuinely horrible situation for all involved), it definitely won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Flying the Pride flag

While YouTube Rewind has previously spotlighted its LGBT creators, their importance couldn’t be more relevant than now.

In a year when LGBT YouTube stars have seemed increasingly disillusioned with the platform, we’ve seen so many coming out online and flying the pride flag.

Lilly Singh came out back in February with a sweet message about her ‘superpowers’, while YouTube OG Daniel Howell opened up in his video Basically I’m Gay.

Phil Lester also opened up to his audience about his sexuality in a video, while The Try Guys’ Eugene Lee Yang came out in a ‘deeply personal’ music video in June.

Basically, YouTube needs to celebrate their LGBT creators big time, and what better time than Rewind?

Mr Beast’s TeamTrees

YouTubers this year have outdone themselves with charity donations (we see you JackSepticEye, and John and Hank Green) but it seems no one is leading the way more than MrBeast.

After focusing his efforts on the PewDiePie and T-Series battle, he turned his attention to the environment and single-handedly got the internet involved in saving the planet.

The fundraiser reached $10 million (£7.7 million) in a matter of days and is racing towards its $20 million (£15.4 million) target.

And, if there’s one thing we know about MrBeast, it’s that he won’t be stopping there.

A Little Late With Lilly Singh

Speaking of Lilly Singh… she only went and became the first YouTuber to get her own late-night show this year.

With A Little Late premiering back in September, she’s featured guests including Mindy Kaling, John Cena, Natalie Portman and Snoop Dogg.

Not too shabby – and she doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.


While last year’s Rewind featured a small K-Pop section, BTS have outdone themselves this year, quickly becoming one of the biggest artists on the planet.

They’ve broken YouTube records, including the quickest video to reach 100 million views, and becoming the first K-Pop boyband to reach 800 million views.

And that’s not even to mention them taking over the internet on TikTok and winning big at the AMAs.

And that was all with a break in between. Your faves could never.


Oh Tyler. It might have seemed like the Fortnite legend was in for a fairly quiet year but, after he ditched Twitch for Mixer back in August, all hell broke loose.

He started smashing it on the new platform, but had some strong words for Twitch after they ‘promoted porn’ on his old profile, warranting a direct apology from the CEO.

His wife and manager Jessica Blevins later revealed the move was pivotal to his mental health, saying he was ‘losing himself’ before switching things up.

Now, the star seems to be absolutely thriving, with YouTube being a constant in his career.

Avengers: Endgame

We haven’t forgotten the massive Frozen sequence in YouTube Rewind 2014 and, surely, Marvel’s offering this year deserves the same treatment.

Aside from becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time, it produced one of the most inventive memes of the year, which saw creators diving backwards into swimming pools, only to reverse it and create their own Avengers fight formation.

It’s seriously impressive stuff.

Gender reveals

Hear us out…

2019 has been the year of the failed gender reveal and, with the caveat that no one gets hurt, it can be pretty delightful.

A particular shout out has to go to the one that featured a balloon that simply floated away. What happens next? We may never know.

Meanwhile, Paige Ginn showed off just how ridiculous gender reveals can be when she decided to fart blue powder in a parody video.

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Gender Reveal ???

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Honourable mentions:

Of course, we can’t cover everything that should be in YouTube Rewind – the list is endless and YouTube’s pool of creators is ever-increasing.

But there are definitely a few more moments that deserve shout-outs:

  • Michael Reeves, who asked a Twitter-bot to decorate his room with some pretty chaotic results
  • Elijah Daniel, who bought the town of Hell, Michigan, renamed it Gay Hell, and banned straight people from entering
  • TikTok, YouTube’s only real competitor since the end of Vine
  • Old Town Road, because truly, we’re never going to escape it
  • Animators, because that’s one thing YouTube Rewind 2018 definitely got right

Now, brace yourselves guys. YouTube Rewind is on its way.

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