F**K. Neve Campbell Announces She's NOT Coming Back For Scream 6 After Studio Low-Balled Her!

You know what has the biggest returning character kill count in Hollywood? Salary negotiations. And it’s struck again, this time on the otherwise unkillable Sidney Prescott.

Scream made its triumphant return to theaters this year, a delightful surprise given the passing of franchise creator Wes Craven. But Radio Silence, the team behind the confusingly titled fifth installment, Scream, proved the series still had a pulse — and something to say about pop culture — all these years later.

The next one was greenlit almost immediately, and casting news has been giving horror fans life for the past couple months. Not only will all the surviving new cast members be back, we’re getting the illustrious return of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby!

But there’s trouble in Woodsboro. Word has been starting to go around that the biggest star of all was NOT coming back! And on Monday Neve Campbell confirmed the news to Deadline, declaring in a statement:

“Sadly I won’t be making the next Scream film.”

Why? The answer to 99 out of a hundred questions in Tinseltown. Money, baby. Moneyyyyyyy.

Sadly, according to Neve, the studio went to the lead of four out of the five Scream films and totally low-balled her! She lamented:

“As a woman I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream. I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise.”

Hell. Yes. Gurl. Know your worth.

Even if it means heartbreak for millions of fans, it’s important women draw the line and don’t allow themselves to be shortchanged — it’s been going on far too long. She’s busy with her role on Netflix‘s series adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer and Peacock‘s upcoming Twisted Metal show. If they want her back, she deserves to be compensated for her time.

As to what the hell Paramount — who inherited the franchise from Bob Weinstein‘s Dimension Films — was thinking here? No effing clue. But there are rules one must abide by to get a star to return to your scary movie. And they clearly didn’t follow them.

Neve isn’t happy about it either. She finished:

“It’s been a very difficult decision to move on. To all my Scream fans, I love you. You’ve always been so incredibly supportive to me. I’m forever grateful to you and to what this franchise has given me over the past 25 years.”

Man, what a bummer! Especially since we just learned Courteney Cox would officially be coming back as Gale Weathers. She told Variety in an interview on Monday:

“I did not die so yes you will see me. Gale’s pretty strong. She may not ever , but who knows!”

We guess they didn’t hold out together the same way she once did with her Friends castmates?

What do YOU think of Scream without Neve Campbell?

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