Forest Whitaker's Ex-Wife Keisha Nash Whitaker Dead 5 Years After Divorce

It’s a tragic day for Forest Whitaker and his family.

It’s with heavy hearts we report that The Butler star’s ex-wife, Keisha Nash Whitaker, has sadly passed away. The former spouses’ youngest daughter True, 25, revealed the news on her Instagram Story early on Thursday morning, sharing vintage photos of the former model. She wrote:

“Goodbye mommy. I love you 4ever and beyond. The most beautiful woman in the world… Thank you for teaching me every single thing I know. I’ll see you in my dreams and I’ll feel you in my heart”

How completely devastating. She was only 51 years old. You can see the tribute HERE while it lasts.

While True didn’t share details of what led to her mother’s death, a source told the on Thursday that Keisha died after being in and out of the hospital for months as the result of intestinal problems following a years-long battle with anorexia:

“Keisha battled anorexia for years. And in 2014 she entered rehab in Chicago. stayed by her side during those difficult times, but the following year he filed for divorce.”

Forest filed for divorce in 2018. On that front, the insider shared:

“They remained friends and their divorce was amicable, but because Whitaker said his wife was, ‘kind, funny, bright and , as well as a good mother to their children,’ there was no need to not remain friendly.”

Even though they may have been divorced, the 62-year-old spent 22 years married to Keisha. This has to be so incredibly difficult for him, especially since they shared True and daughter Sonnet, 27. Keisha was also the mom to 32-year-old daughter Autumn from another relationship while Forest has 33-year-old son Ocean from a previous relationship, as well.

Our hearts go out to the Whitaker family and all of Keisha’s loved ones. Rest in peace.

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