Foxy Brown Got Booed Off Stage

Foxy Brown had a bad show over the weekend when she performed in Real Housewives of Atlanta’Kandi Burruss’ Welcome To The Dungeon tour. Foxy was a special guest, and saying she tanked is an understatement. Poor Foxy found herself being sent to the actual dungeon when the crowd turned on her hard and she got booed off stage.

The Source reports that Foxy appeared on Kandi’s’s Welcome To The Dungeon stop on Saturday. The show seems to be a… sexual… cabaret… rap… dance… party-slash-variety… show? Unclear what goes down at Kandi’s dungeon but a part of it was Foxy rapping. She went with a classic and decided to spit out her 1996 bop “I’ll Be” which features Jay-Z. Well the only thing the crowd wanted Foxy to “be” was quiet. They couldn’t handle her muffled delivery and fumbled lyrics. One commentator even suggested people were saying she looked “strung out”. The booing ensued.

Foxy didn’t really seem to understand she was getting booed and continued to try to rap over the audience’s backtrack when a member of personnel came onstage and tried to get Foxy to step off stage. Foxy kept spitting those rhymes (ish) though and powered through as she wore her bejeweled face mask:

It would be a good time to mention that Foxy Brown is legally deaf. So she may not have heard the booing.

Someone finally managed to get Foxy off stage and she was waddled away as the audience continued to haunt the auditorium with their booing. Kandi stepped in to salvage her show help her friend, telling the audience: “Y’all gotta respect my girl. Let her take the mask off.” Kandi, the mask was not the problem–ask Valentina.

The DJ of the show got shady by saying,“We can’t let that shit happen on our stage. Let’s rock!”, before blaring Lil Kim’s “The Jump Off”:

I love how those dancers dramatically walked off stage afterward. Never break character!

File this performance under: YIKES. This is up there with Britney’s 2007 debacle of a performance. I mean, at least Foxy’s wasn’t televised… although it will live on the internet forever… from various angles…


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