Frankie Sims says she wouldn’t get back with ex Jack Fincham as she admits split is still ‘raw’

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for TOWIE star Frankie Sims. The 26-year-old has been busy filming scenes for the reality show and tells new that, until now, she’s been steering clear of the drama during this series.

That was until she had two awkward run-ins in the space of one evening. Not only did she have a face-off with nemesis Chloe Brockett – who dated Love Island winner Jack Fincham, 30, only a month before she did – but she also had a showdown with Jack himself.

“The Chloe drama has been put to bed,” Frankie says. “We’ve said what we’ve wanted to say to each other. But with Jack, this is a can of worms that I didn’t want to open.”

Here, Frankie gives new the lowdown on what’s gone down between her and Jack since they split up in July and opens up about her romance with former Islander Joe Garratt.

Hi Frankie, it’s been a dramatic week for you! Tell us what’s going on with Jack…

I saw him a few weeks ago after an event and we made up. We left together hand in hand. And I stayed over at his place. We were kissing all night and he did say to me, “Will you get back with me?” I said, “No Jack, I don’t think you’re in the right mental space.” But I stayed over and when I was leaving the next morning, he said, “I love you.”

Woah! What was your reaction to that?

I just left it. I was happy and I thought, that’s my closure. We’re friends now, it’s cool and he’s told me he loves me. I love him too, as a person. I kept him blocked on social media because I thought I need to move on with my life now. So when I saw him at filming,
I thought he and I were going to be OK. He started bringing up the last time we saw each other. I was so confused – I didn’t know how to react. I hope I handled it in the right way.

Sounds rather awkward! How did the conversation end?

In the end I just said, “Jack, I’m going to leave now – enjoy your night.” And I just walked away. I walked away from both Jack and Chloe. The Chloe drama has been put to bed. We’ve said what we’ve wanted to say to each other – there’s no more left to say. But with Jack, this is a can of worms that I didn’t want to open. It’s what’s stressing me out now. Our break-up is still quite raw – it’s going to be a stressful week.

Do you think there’s any possibility you two could get back together?

I don’t think so, not now. Last time I was with him I did say, “If you ever do sort yourself out and become less selfish – and not a cheat – I would get back with you.” But after seeing him come on the show and watching how he acted, I wouldn’t.

Speaking of exes, how are things between you and Harry Lee, who you split up with a year ago?

We don’t have any contact whatsoever. The break-up wasn’t civil – it was quite bad. We broke up and then argued and things came out of the woodwork afterwards. We heard things about each other and we don’t have any contact. We will never speak. If we see each other, we’ll never say hello. We just act like strangers.

And what happened between you and Joe Garratt?

He slid into my DMs and our first date was filmed for TOWIE. We had so much chemistry on the first date. We went out after filming
was finished and I think we were together for, like, 10 hours. We were talking so much on the phone and there was so much chemistry.

What are your predictions for the rest of the series?

I honestly think the drama has happened for me now and I don’t feel like there’s anything more to come.

You and your sister Demi Sims really seem to be getting into your DJing – how’s it all going?

Yeah, really good. We’ve got all the equipment and we’ve done a couple of lessons, but it is so hard. We’ve had a few requests for weddings and events and stuff, but we’re still just learning at the minute.

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