Gabrielle Union used to give out cards on flights apologizing for her baby crying

Gabrielle Union is one of the more open celebrities out there. She’s written two memoirs and never seems to shy away from getting in the weeds on important topics. I really like her and wish her, Dwyane Wade, and their family the best. Gabrielle opened up recently about traveling with her daughter Kaavia James when Kaavia was younger. Traveling with young children can be difficult, as Gabrielle and Dwyane learned the hard way.

Gabrielle Union’s active family is now used to life on the go.

Speaking with PEOPLE about her collaboration with Great Wolf Lodge on a family-friendly workout — “Adventure Training: Get Fit with the Great Wolf Pack” — the Being Mary Jane actress, 50, says that her family’s active life has gotten easier with time.

The mom spent her summer traveling with husband Dwyane Wade and daughter Kaavia James, 4, and while it’s a “non-issue” today, Union is open to the fact that it didn’t start out that way.

“When she was younger, it was not great. We would literally hand out ‘I’m sorry’ cards and earplugs to the people around us,” she tells PEOPLE. “But once we started traveling more, she’s been great. We download all her favorites on her iPad and she’s got her headphones. She’s really such a great traveler now.”

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I’ve been on flights before where people have handed out little goodie bags to get ahead of their misbehaving or irritable babies. It’s a nice gesture, and the mini Snickers sure beat the heck out of those little pretzels the airline gives you, but I’m never mad at someone who is dealing with an inconsolable baby. I don’t know; I always feel badly for parents who are flying with a crying baby. It’s stressful for everyone involved, but parents have that added pressure of worrying what everyone around them thinks. I wonder if handing those bags out is more for their own peace of mind, lol.

We traveled a lot when my older son was an infant and toddler. We were very lucky in that – and I kid you not – until he was about 15-months, the *only* time this child would nap for longer than 30 minutes was when we were on an airplane. It was wild. My younger son was different. He’d take hours-long naps at home, but barely sleep on airplanes. Honestly, my trick for that first year for flying with each of them was to just nurse or give them a bottle if they got agitated. Kids always love food while traveling!

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