Guitarist Snowy White Shares Memories Of Touring With Pink Floyd, Roger Waters

Guitarist Snowy White has shared his fond memories of touring with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters.

White’s relation with Waters started in 1976 when he was signed on as touring member of Pink Floyd’s Animals tour. He was also part of the The Wall road trip in 1980 and had taken part in Waters’ one-off live version of the production a decade later.

Later in 1999, Waters put a band together for his In the Flesh comeback tour and asked White to join him.

“Roger phoned me up and he said, ‘I’m only doing this little tour, just three weeks,'” the guitarist said to Rolling Stone in an interview. “‘It would nice if you were in the band.'”

“I agreed to do it since it seemed like a nice chance to get out to America and do some shows,” he added. “I thought it would just be three weeks, but that short tour turned into 13 years.”

White was also a member of Thin Lizzy in the early Eighties.

During the interview, White was reminded that the In The Flesh tour was originally booked at small amphitheaters, but after a couple of weeks, they moved it to the 20,000-seaters.

White replied, “That was so funny. What happened was, we were flying commercial airlines at first. I can see this picture in my head of Roger sitting in the waiting area at the airport, not looking very happy at all. He used to book two seats so he had an empty seat next to him. And then I remember the promoter talking to Roger: ‘We sold this out, I think we better move it to the bigger place.’ It got bigger and bigger.”

“And then four days later, we got this little private jet. Then about another four days later, we got a bigger one. Then it just kept going,” he added. “Roger got the bit between his teeth and realized this could be exactly what he’s always wanted. He was totally in control of the band and music. He didn’t have to deal with the Pink Floyd thing or anything. He was happy. He was part of the band. It was a band feel. It felt really good.”

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