Heidi Montag Reveals Baby’s Name, Spencer Pratt Jokes They Should Call It After Her Fave Snapchat

The two former members of MTV’s reality show ‘The Hills’ have officially announced the name of their newborn son after the pair welcomed their second child on November 17.

AceShowbizHeidi Montag‘s baby boy is named Ryker Pratt. After the 36-year-old star and her husband Spencer Pratt – who already have son Gunner, five, together – welcomed their second child on Thursday, November 17, Heidi took to social media to reveal the name of her baby boy.

“Ryker Pratt. 7.9 lbs. 21 in. Born 11,31 a.m. (sic),” Heidi wrote in a Snapchat post on Friday. In a subsequent video, the blonde beauty and Spencer discussed possible middle names for their son. Spencer, 39, quipped that she should call her son “Snap” in recognition of her fondness for the platform. “Ryker Snap Pratt,” Heidi then said with a laugh.

Heidi also opened up about her pregnancy experience on Snapchat. She shared, “I was screaming in the hospital. It was 45 minutes later that I delivered him. So I’m really glad we came to the hospital. It was about an hour and 15-minute delivery total.”

Heidi previously discussed her pregnancy journey, admitting that she was initially “shocked” to learn she was having a boy. Heidi – who married Spencer in 2008 – said earlier this year, “I’m having a boy! Oh, my gosh. I did the earliest test to find out and I just felt like my doctor had the answer so I called.”

“And I was like, ‘Hey, just wanted to check in to see if you guys got the result?’ And they were like, ‘Actually, we just got them ten minutes ago.’ So I couldn’t wait for Spencer and I was like, ‘OK, I’m ready!’ They were like, ‘It’s a boy!’ And honestly, I was so shocked.”

Heidi was actually “convinced” she was having a baby girl instead. She said, “I was going back and forth because everything felt the same as [when I was pregnant with] Gunner. I was like, ‘These are the exact same symptoms, the exact same thing.’ “

“But I think for the past year I kind of thought I’d have a girl. But then when I found out it’s a boy – when the shock wore off – I couldn’t be happier because ultimately my biggest prayer was whatever would be the best for Gunner.”

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