Here’s How To Watch ‘The Office’ On Peacock, Including Bonus Content

When NBC launched Peacock, it billed the streamer as the streaming home for NBC’s biggest shows. In some places, it delivered with 40 years of Saturday Night Live and more Law & Order than is technically legal in some states. But The Office, one of NBC’s biggest hits of the 21st century, was still on Netflix. As 2021 approaches, the comedy series now moves home to Peacock. But it’s not going to be as simple as opening the free version of the app and settling in. Here’s how to watch The Office on Peacock and the bonuses that come with it.

One of Peacock’s key selling points is that it comes with a completely free ad-supported tier, unlike most streaming services. Hulu, CBS All Access, and others have cheaper versions of their apps that feature some ads. Peacock is the only one of these mainstream arrivals to offer a completely free version.

But Peacock’s free tier has always had a catch. Though there’s plenty to watch on it, there’s only a fraction of the library that’s free. The rest, like Peacock’s original series, are pay-only. And now it turns out parts of The Office will be pay-only. The first two seasons will be on the free tier. But the other seven are only on Peacock Premium (which still has some ads, but not many) or the ad-free Peacock Premium Plus.

For those on the fence over subscribing to get the rest of The Office, NBC offers extra goodies for the premium tiers beyond just the merger of the Stamford branch or James Spader as the new CEO.

  • The Office "Superfan Episodes": These include episodes containing deleted scenes and extended cuts from the later seasons
  • The Office Playlists: The ability to line up the best prank scenes to play in random order, or the best romantic moments, or Michael Scott’s best words of wisdom. (Think YouTube Supercuts, but officially curated ones.)
  • The Office Zen: An entire channel that plays B-roll footage of the Dunder Mifflin office 24-7 so that those of us stuck WFH can feel like we’re back in The Office.

All nine seasons of The Office start streaming exclusively on Peacock (and it’s various Premium tiers) on Jan. 1, 2021.

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