How Ellen DeGeneres Really Feels About Ending Her Show

Although we never thought the day would come, Ellen DeGeneres is ending her show after 19 seasons on the air. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she informed her staff of the news on May 11, and she is set to address her decision in a conversation with her predecessor Oprah Winfrey on the May 13 episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“I’m feeling good, I feel like it’s the right thing to do,” she said about her exit in a sneak peek ahead of the interview. “But I’m charged. I mean it’s a weird thing to announce that I’m stopping. There are just different things as a creative person that I feel like I need to do.” 

It also looks like the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic might have worn on the daytime host. “I miss my audience because I haven’t had an audience all year long,” she said in the clip. Acknowledging her virtual audience, she added, “I’m lucky I get to see smiling faces looking at me from all over the world. I get to see that, but it’s not the same energy of having that exchange when they’re here.” 

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