Jameela Jamil Called Out Amber Rose For Promoting Pregnancy Tea From Flat Tummy Co.

Amber Rose is being dragged on social media for trying to sell an “Organic” Pregnancy Tea from the Flat Tummy Co. while she’s pregnant. She claims the tea helps with feeling bloated. It also seems to help eliminate that reasonable thought in your brain that should keep you from pimping out a tea from Flat Tummy Tea while pregnant for a check.

While cosplaying as Iggy Azalea, Amber, who is pregnant with her second child, pushed pregnancy tea that she says helps with the bloat, and also told the “haters” to back off.

We live in a world where a company called Flat Tummy Co. is trying to corner the pregnancy market?! Makes sense, because pregnancy bellies are supposed to be flat. I’m pretty sure that’s how Flat Stanley came to be.

But honestly, Flat Tummy Tea feels like something made for flat earth advocates Shaq, Tila Tequila, and Sherri Shepherd, because they don’t understand what the fuck flat means. The rest of us live in an actual round world and we understand the most basic basic pregnancy truths: your stomach, like the earth, should be round.

Well, people called Amber out including anti-Flat Tummy Tea warrior Jameela Jamil.

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Jameel is not wrong, pregnancy is a sacred time in a woman’s life when you don’t have to think about calories or weight loss or think about gross diet teas that may make you shit your baby out. I know a check is a check, but Amber is wasting her time trying to sell us some stupid tea when she should be giving us sage advice about how to organize a slut walk dressed as Captain Save A Hoe, how to wear a piece of string as an outfit, how to bleach your eyebrows, and most importantly how not to get pregnant by Kanye West.

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