James Blunt ‘returns to public eye as TV beer buff’ after opening London pub

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Music sensation James Blunt appears to be putting his musical career on pause as he prepares to take on the position as TV judge in a new show about brewing beer.

Having topped the UK charts with his famous single You’re Beautiful in 2005 and having two successful albums Back to Bedlam and All The Lost Souls, the pub owning singer will reportedly be fronting the new production that pits small breweries against each other to become the maker of the best pint.

A source at The Sun said: “James owns his own boozer, The Fox & Pheasant in London, and is a bit of a beer connoisseur.

“The main premise of the series is going to be brewers showcasing some of the best small breweries in the world.”

The show is expected to go beyond just the UK in their search for a good pint as it becomes a worldwide contest.

The source continued: ”It won’t just be in the UK either — the idea is to try to get a number of competitors from across the globe signing up. Once on board, each of them will compete to see who has the best beer.”

They added: “James will be front and centre of the competition but there will be a judging panel of experts too, who will be the ones to make the decisions.”

The source said that the show is "likely" to appear on Amazon Prime, a platform that has already gained success with travelling talent shows with productions like Heidi Klum’s Making The Cut.

Making The Cut pits fashion designers from around the world against each other to win and get their own collection available on Amazon Prime for viewers to purchase.

Amazon Prime also delivers alcohol, making it possible that the prize of Blunt’s worldwide beer competition could be to have the digital storefront supply their winning brew.

While Blunt will allegedly be making the move to TV host, that may not be the end to his music ambitions as he recently performed for Pub in the Park in Tumbridge Wells.

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