Jeff Bezos and GF Lauren Sanchez Yacht Vacation in St. Barth's

Jeff Bezos is living the good life — and it’s showing — down in the Caribbean with his GF, Lauren Sanchez.

Almost a year after going public … Jeff and Lauren are spending the holiday down in St. Barth’s, aboard David Geffen‘s massive 450-foot superyacht, the Rising Sun. They’re definitely looking … comfortable during what seems to be a dual celebration.

Besides Christmas, it was Lauren’s birthday last week. So, y’know … lots o’ cake.

Looks like Bezos might squeeze in some work on this trip, too — comes with being the richest man in the world, we guess.

The couple has a whole group with them, including Russian-American businesswoman Dasha Zhukova and some of her young, attractive friends.

Hey, if ya gotta talk shop … might as well do it aboard a $600 million dinghy.

Since coming out back in January, both Jeff and Lauren have finalized divorces from their respective exes.

For anyone keeping track … even after he and Mackenzie Bezos divvied up their assets, Jeff’s retained his richest man title with a net worth currently around $110 billion — juuust above Bill Gates. For now.

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