Jeremy Clarkson: Grand Tour host bet against Tory win as he fumes at ‘useless Corbyn’

Jeremy Clarkson, 59, is no stranger to being outspoken as The Grand Tour host fumed a “goldfish could have won” going up against Jeremy Corbyn. It comes as the former Top Gear presenter admitted he had made a bet with former Conservative leader David Cameron that the Tories would not win the general election.

Speaking in his column for The Sun, the car enthusiast revealed he believed the Conservative Party would lose the election because all under-30s would never vote blue.

He wrote: “I made a £50 bet with former leader David Cameron that the Tories would not win the election. I’m Mystic Meg, me.

“However, the fact is that every single person under 30 was saying they could not vote Conservative and Twitter was a complete Tory-free zone as well.”

The Grand Tour presenter said people who live in the North are “genetically programmed to be left-wing” so everything pointed to a “Jeremy Corbyn win”.


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Jeremy continued: “Then there was the North. The so- called red wall. The polls were saying it’d crumble under the weight of all the Brexiteers. But I knew different. It’s one thing telling a pollster you’ll vote Tory, it’s quite another actually doing it.

“And no matter how much they want to get out of the EU, they cannot stand in the booth, pencil in shaking hand, and vote Tory knowing their grandad, who worked down the pit until he died of a lung disease, would be spinning around in his grave.

He added: “Absolutely everything, then, pointed to a Corbyn victory. And yet somehow, despite all this, Labour suffered its biggest defeat for more than 80 years.”

The TV star slammed the Labour leader and joked a goldfish would have had a better chance at a victory.

Jeremy fumed: “It only goes to show just how much we all hate the useless, out-of-touch, arguably racist Jeremy Corbyn.

“You could have put a goldfish up against the Tories and it would have won, but Corbyn didn’t.”

The former Top Gear host has now relented and will have to pay his £50 to David Cameron.

He finished: “I must happily give David Cameron £50.”

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Meanwhile, Jeremy’s Grand Tour co-star James May has spoken out about the current Top Gear presenting team after insisting he “doesn’t model himself” on his co-host, who doesn’t watch their former show anymore.

James told Good Morning Britain he still tunes in to the BBC show and enjoys it, admitting: “Am I allowed to say that? I like car shows.”

When quizzed about how he thinks Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris are doing at the helm of the series, he said: “I think they’re at the point… they’re almost as good as us, it’s amazing.

“I know Chris Harris quite well anyway, I’ve known him for 30 years probably.


  • Top Gear: ‘Almost as good’ James May delivers verdict on new hosts

“So I like it, and I like watching car shows, I don’t see why it’s a problem to have two big car shows.”

In spite of their difference in opinion, James insisted to the ITV daytime show: “I don’t model myself on Jeremy.”

It comes after Jeremy revealed he no longer watches Top Gear and he could not bring himself to watch the show under another team.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: “It would be like going to visit your baby after it’s been adopted by someone else, and pressing your face up at the window.”

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