Kat Dennings & Andrew WK had a small wedding at home, the bride wore McQueen


Kat Dennings married Andrew WK in November, after Thanksgiving. Vogue got the exclusive photos and an interview with Kat, and the whole thing is charming. They got married at the home they already share, and the guest list was kept down to a modest number (15). Kat didn’t hire a wedding planner, she did all of the florals herself, and she did spend a lot of time finding “the dress” – she ended up wearing a vintage McQueen gown in ivory. She and Andrew have been together for three years, so none of this was a spur-of-the-moment thing, and she ended up getting the wedding of her dreams. You can see the full Vogue piece here, and I’m including the IGs in this post.

Meeting Andrew WK in person: “About three years ago, Andrew had come to visit me for the first time. At the end of his trip, we couldn’t imagine ever separating. We actually proposed to each other in the kitchen at the exact same moment.”

A wedding at home: “But in the end, the kitchen engagement moment kept calling back to us. We realized that a small home wedding was too cozy to resist. Plus, all our stuff was there so we wouldn’t have to pack anything.”

The couple planned the whole thing by themselves. “I wanted our wedding to feel completely different from an ‘industry event’ in every way,” says the bride, who threw herself into DIY ahead of the event. “I even handmade all of our wedding florals, aisle pieces, and our ceremony arch, which took three entire days. I wanted to be hands-on with the entire experience and feel like we had built our moment together from scratch.”

The gown: “I realized that, as a very pale person, I didn’t like myself in white, so I ordered and returned gowns in every cut and color I could think of, until I figured out which style made me feel most like myself. I ended up finding the most perfect [dress] I could ever imagine from Alexander McQueen, in a deep ivory.” She wore shoes from Jimmy Choo that were “like a mermaid’s dream.”

They almost delayed the wedding: “It was incredibly emotional for both of us, and the love surrounding us was very palpable. My dad had passed away a month and a half before, and I had a moment where I thought we should delay the wedding—but I realized it was even more of a reason to grasp any joyous feeling where I could. My wonderful mom walked me down the aisle, and I felt very present and filled with gratitude for Andrew and our loved ones during the ceremony. I felt truly lucky to be marrying such a kind and loving man. The ceremony itself was kind of a blur, but in the best way. We just looked into each other’s eyes and were so excited to finally be husband and wife.”

She’s proud of her wedding: “I’m very glad I didn’t realize how completely insane it was to do everything ourselves. Had I known the florals would take three days of nonstop work, I might have hired a professional. But standing with Andrew at an arch I made myself, infused with all our effort and care, it was exactly what we wanted in the end.”

[From Vogue]

I love the idea of having a small wedding at home with fewer than 20 people and trying to DIY everything. That being said, I would have hired some help! Especially with the floral stuff. But the rest of it sounds so nice and simple. I wish more celebrities would do these kinds of easy-breezy weddings, but the urge to turn everything into an industry party must be intense.


Photos courtesy of Cover Images, Kat’s Instagram.

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