Katharine McPhee Boasts Her Son Rennie Is ‘Growing So Well’: ‘It’s Kind of Fun’

Sharing her 5-month-old son’s developmental milestone in a new interview, the ‘Country Comfort’ actress claims that her baby boy is a ‘much bigger baby than his peers.’

AceShowbiz -Proud mom Katharine McPhee could not help but be boasting about her son Rennie David Foster’s developmental milestone. In a new interview, the former star of “Scorpion” admitted that “it’s kind of fun” to see her son “growing so well.”

“His little teeth popped out and it’s fun because they popped up earlier than when they were supposed to,” the 37-year-old actress told PEOPLE about her 5-month-old son on Friday, July 23. “He’s a much bigger baby than his peers, so it’s kind of fun to have a baby who is growing so well.”

She added, “It all evens out. They all end up in the same place, but right now he’s a little bit ahead of the curve. It’s super fun to be like ‘Oh, he’s advanced.’ But really you know that your baby is just the same as any other baby.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Katharine went on to discuss the bliss of motherhood. The “Country Comfort” star admitted “nothing has surprised me” when it comes to being a mother. The wife of David Foster shared, “You get all the opinions from people, and your life is going to change and you’re going to be tired, and yeah those things happen. My life has changed, but not really.”

Katharine went on to claim that being a mother makes her “happier.” The “Smash” alum told the publication, “What I mean by that is that it just feels like he was always here. My life has changed because I’m so much happier.” She further elaborated, “Sometimes you hear more negative stories about motherhood and how tired you’re going to be and it’s so hard. I’d like to be an example of how great it is and how positive it is.”

“Because you do hear those things, but I think they sometimes get clouded with how hard it can be. And it is hard,” Katharine added. She then said, “But my attitude towards being a mom is just so grateful. It comes from such a grateful standpoint that I think when you come from a place of gratitude, the things that are hard you just deal with them and you move on. The joy outweighs the struggle.”

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