Keke Palmer & her ex will do mediation, but the restraining order is still in place

In November, Keke Palmer sought and received a domestic violence restraining order against her ex, Darius Jackson. Darius had physically and emotionally abused her for months, and his behavior was escalating over the course of this year. Keke has a lot of evidence, including eyewitnesses, security-footage of some of the assaults, and her own emotional narrative of the abuse. Darius is still threatening her in broad daylight too. But there’s also their son to consider, which is why the court recommended some kind of mediation. Now, Keke and Darius have both agree to try to settle the custody issues in mediation, but the restraining order remains in place:

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson have requested to delay their restraining order hearing. In November, the Nope actress, 30, was granted her request for a temporary domestic violence restraining order and temporary sole custody of their 9-month-old son Leodis “Leo” Andrellton.

A hearing had been set for Tuesday, Dec. 5, and Darius, 29, was prohibited from all contact with them, by being required to stay more than 100 yards away from Palmer and their son,

According to a court filing from this week, the exes requested to have the court date rescheduled in order to “allow the parties time to attend mediation. The parties request that the Mediation and Petitioner’s DVRO be continued to a mutually agreeable date.” They originally had court-ordered mediation set for Nov. 29.

Palmer and Jackson also agreed that the orders outlined in the temporary restraining order “shall remain in full force and effect” until the rescheduled hearing, according to the documents obtained by PEOPLE.

A source close to Palmer tells PEOPLE the temporary restraining order “remains in full force and effect and will not be dropped.”

“Keke will continue to protect her safety and the safety of Leo above all else,” says the source, adding that the actress “agreed to mediation because the case has gotten so much speculation and media attention, and she is concerned about her privacy, Leo’s privacy, and the privacy of her family.” The source says, “Her preference is to resolve the situation privately rather than in open court, if possible. But if not possible, the hearing remains on the calendar and Keke will stop at nothing to ensure a safe and healthy outcome for herself and Leo.”

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Mediation can be different things – sometimes it’s two people and their lawyers in a room, working out their sh-t in good faith. Sometimes it’s people in separate rooms, with lawyers going back and forth, negotiating entirely through third parties. My hope for Keke is that she doesn’t have to see that man or be around him. My hope is that she has excellent lawyers helping her and protecting her. My hope is that she doesn’t become another domestic violence victim screwed over by the system.

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