Lauren Goodger flaunts her extremely peachy oiled-up bum in bizarre photoshoot

Lauren Goodger has put her best butt cheek forward in an extremely saucy photoshoot.

The former TOWIE star showed off her peachy bum in a sheer lilac thong while covered in enough oil to fuel a chippy.

She contained her assets in a matching satin bra and stared intensely into the camera with her plumped-up pout parted.

Lauren, 32, rocked a killer tan for the shoot and wore her long hair in ruffled beach waves.

She recently launched her own fitness page, but fans accused her of achieving her body through surgery and not exercise.

One user snarked: “From a fitness point of view and a personal trainer — how can you promote a fitness page and workouts without being 100% honest with your surgery, implants or whatever?

“You’re selling what’s basically false advertisement — be honest and say ‘these are great exercises to grow your glutes, booty + just to inform you, I have had surgical implants so please understand you may not receive the exact results depending on your body type before starting the program’…simple and honest‍ bloody ‘ Instagram influencers.’”

Another raged, “This doesn’t look natural even for bum implants, why lie to us?”

However, on Instagram stories she denied having been under the knife in the last two years.

"Please don’t take notice of press and how I look compared to real life – it’s just a story and pantomime," she said.

"I don’t have surgeries. 2017 was the last time I had anything done and I wouldn’t do to my face… anything I would do I’ll always say."

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