LeBron James Deemed ‘Disrespectful’ by Commentators for Celebrating on Court Without Shoes

During the final minutes of L.A. Lakers’ game against Utah Jazz, the basketball player runs to the court without shoes to celebrate Kyle Kuzma’s successful blocking.

AceShowbiz -It’s only natural for people to celebrate when they are winning something, but LeBron James managed to rub some people the wrong way when he was celebrating L.A. Lakers’ win from Utah Jazz. Game commentators were not having it when they learned that the basketball player was actually jumping around on the court without wearing shoes.

During the final minutes of the game on Wednesday night, December 4, Kyle Kuzma managed to block the opposing time from scoring a couple times. That was when LeBron expressed his excitement, running into the court in his shocks to celebrate. However, commentators for Utah Jazz weren’t having it and immediately slammed him.

They could be heard saying, “Look at LeBron, he’s on the court. With no shoes… that’s some disrespect right there. They are clowning right now… If you’re the Jazz you have to watch that and put that in your head for the next time you play. You don’t come into someone else’s building and wow.”

LeBron has yet to respond to the commentators, though many people on the Internet have come to his defense. “The only thing disrespectful here is how pathetic these announcers are at their job. Listen to Bill and Stu talk for the Lakers. They have energy, passion and are big part of the Laker family. Here these random boring jazz analyst can’t do a good job and they pick on Lebron?!” one outraged fan wrote. Meanwhile, one other person was convinced that both commentators “were white.”

Another was confused as saying, “So let me get this straight… Jazz announcers were more mad that Lebron was celebrating and cheering on his teammate when Dwight Howard shot and made a 3 on them?! LMAO.” Meanwhile, someone wrote, “This jazz team can put it on their mind all they want. They have no chance against this squad.”

Before his little celebration, LeBron actually gave away his shoes to a young attendee during the game. Thus, he was spotted without his shoes at the end of the game.

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