Maren Morris Opens Up About Journey To Physical And Mental Health

Maren Morris says she began to address her mental and physical health after years of “ups and downs” with her weight during different relationships.

In an interview with Women’s Health magazine for their June issue, the country singer said she lost a significant amount of weight after going through a “horrible breakup”.

“I didn’t look at my body like it was healthy — when you’re going through emotional turmoil, it’s hard to eat. That was a wake-up call: I need to address my mental and physical health,” the 29-year-old artist said.

“I put weight back on when I started really laying into my career and tour—things that brought me happiness,” Morris added.

Morris, who is now married to songwriter Ryan Hurd, also revealed that she gave up the habit of smoking cigarettes.

“It used to be such a stress reliever,” according to Morris, but it impacted her vocals.

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