Marie Osmond's Diet Secrets to Keep Off That Holiday Weight

Millions of people struggle not to break their diets during the holiday season. One celebrity who knows how difficult weight loss can be is former Osmond Family singer Marie Osmond, who lost 50 pounds in 2007. Thanks to her Christmas specials, she also knows a thing or two about the holidays. Here’s her tips for how you can stay healthy during the festive season.

How Marie Osmond stays fit

According to HollywoodLife, Osmond eats six meals daily. Each of the meals are very small, preventing her from gaining weight. Se also said “I drink more water. I eat more vegetables. I eat more often.”

She elaborated “When you learn to eat right your body let’s the weight go. When we go into starve and feast the body holds onto the food. When you feed the body smaller portions and intelligently, the body lets it go. It doesn’t want it because it knows you’re not going to starve it to death.”

How Nutrisystem has helped her

Osmond also discussed maintaining her weight loss. “People go, ‘How do you keep your weight off?’ I went, ‘I just followed [Nutrisystem]… I learned what they taught me.’ I don’t live on Nutrisystem. I haven’t lived on it for 12 and a half years. I was on it for four months. But I learned principles.”

Osmond has nothing but praise for Nutrisystem. She said “That’s the thing I love about this company, is they teach you how to maintain it on your own. Now do I still eat some of their foods? I do actually because I like them. I love their ice cream sandwiches. I’ll eat them any day over anybody else’s. I don’t feel guilty about it.”

She continued “My grandkids steal all my Nutrisystem ice cream sandwiches. I love their chocolate muffins. I even keep some of the pastas in the house because I don’t feel bloated after I eat them. They’re super good. You can add onions, and peppers. You can add basil and all kinds of wonderful garlic and seasonings to it as well. I mean it’s really great food.”

Christmas has been a huge part of her career

Osmond’s association with Christmas is more than just her Yuletide diet tips. She told MassLive “I’ve been associated with Christmas shows all my life. I was on Bob Hope, not Donny. I was on Perry Como, not Donny.” Osmond enjoys the legacy of her Christmas shows, telling Deseret News “So many people grew up watching our Christmas specials. There was a lot of excitement.”

Osmond performed in a series of shows in 2012. During those performances, she had the privilege of working with the renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She’s also had roles in Christmas movies like Marie Osmond’s Merry Christmas and O’ Christmas Tree.

This year, Osmond also announced a three-day Christmas tour, with shows in California and Connecticut. The tour is called Symphonic Christmas. She explained “I couldn’t let Christmas go by without doing a show.”

Many grew up with Osmond’s Christmas specials. Now she’s giving us tips on how to get through the next few weeks without packing on the pounds. Hopefully, we’ll all have a healthy and happy holiday season.

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