Marketing CEO Patientce Foster Says Knowing Value of Black Culture Key To Opening Doors

Piece of The Pie is a new TMZ franchise, showcasing amazingly talented people of color who have had trouble making their mark in the entertainment industry.

Our goal here is to raise awareness on behalf of marginalized voices and creators — people who have great stories to tell — and make sure the people who pull the strings in the industry see what they bring to the table.

Patientce Foster is a marketing and brand management CEO who works closely with Cardi B and Offset, and she says knowing the value of Black culture is the key to unlocking all types of doors many people still find closed.

Patientce shares some pretty valuable career and business tips with TMZ’s Loren Lorosa, explaining why it’s important for Black creatives to know their worth and what they bring to the table when they walk into a room full of execs who don’t look like them.

The way Patientce sees it … knowing your value allows you to enter a pitch meeting with a different confidence and energy, and it’s important to remember Hollywood bigwigs and consumers are now thirsting for Black projects, so understand you have something they want and use it to your advantage.

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Patientce built her marketing firm, The Cream Agency, from the ground up … and she also reminds folks why it’s important to develop a thick skin as they carve out their piece of the pie.

It’s a super interesting conversation … Patientce tells Loren how the George Floyd killing affected Cardi’s fashion collab with Balenciaga, and why it’s important to demand companies share values with the Black community.

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