Michael Owen speaks out on ‘clashing’ with Love Island star daughter Gemma

Love Island: Meet Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma

Former football star Michael Owen has already revealed that he wasn’t keen initially about the prospect of daughter Gemma becoming a Love Island TV personality – and now he has shared that the pair sometimes “clash” as they have similar personalities.

“She’s very similar to me in [her] outlook on life. She’s very motivated and opinionated and strong-willed,” he reflected.

“We often say that opposites attract. Me and my wife are quite opposite, and my wife and Gemma are quite opposite, and they get on like a house on fire, they’re best mates, but then me and Gem can clash on certain things.”

Fortunately, he feels that everyone in the family gets along well, personality clashes aside.

“The kids are now all getting into an age now – they’re all teenagers and with four children, it can be quite a lively house!” he exclaimed.

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His first reaction on learning that Gemma was considering becoming a contestant on Love Island was: “Oh no, Gemma, don’t do that!”

However, taking the plunge paid off as her social media followers soared from tens of thousands to millions when her TV fame exploded – and once he’d “calmed down” about her participating, Michael was pleased with how she’d come across.

Meanwhile, the football pundit – whose new clothing collection for Peacocks is out now – has said style isn’t a major source of conflict between himself and Gemma.

“It’s not like we’re husband and wife, so we’re very independent of each other. She’s got her own style and I’ve got mine!” he explained.

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That said, it doesn’t stop Gemma “putting him in his place” if he wears something that she doesn’t deem suitable.

“Half the time, I just put on my clothes and go to go out and she’ll just say, ‘Dad, that doesn’t match, that doesn’t suit’, or whatever and I’ll have to redo it a little bit!” he confided.

He revealed that there’s a designated “changing room” in the bedroom he shares with his wife, and that the kids are welcome there, although they frequently make their feelings known.

“There’s a full-size mirror and there’s a final approvals type of area, so I’ve often been put in my place in that area and told to change,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Michael is delighted to announce that he now has his very own clothing collection with Peacocks – and he’s adamant that there’s not a single item in the range that he wouldn’t be comfortable wearing.

Expressing that he’d love to see former co-star David Beckham in his outfits, he explained: “I think that my fashion line would suit anyone really. It’s stylish, it’s classy.”

“The guys from Peacocks were really the driving force behind the collection, they’re the experts, but I think they understand me and my look and kind of the classical image that I want,” Michael continued.

As he’s in the public eye, his appearance is imperative to him – and he revealed that the designers were “absolutely brilliant” in crafting the perfect collection.

Unlike his clashes with Gemma, he quipped that he and the design team “tend to agree on everything”.

The Michael Owen Edit will be available online and across the 340 Peacocks stores nationwide from 4th September 2023. Peacocks offers fashion for all the family at affordable prices (from £9) and great quality. www.peacocks.co.uk

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